»  Letter: Monday, January 17, 1977

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Jan 17th.   4.30 pm.

Hi! darling,

herewith your two B.C. copies. They were £2.50 each. I am sending them Registered Post to be on the safe side. Let me know you get them O.K. Dad says does this mean you are applying for American Citizenship?

It's bitterly cold, ice & frost & heavy snow falls at times. We don't move far. Dad has a heavy cold so is very miserable. I'm waiting for Judy to bring Tessa, she goes to Open University Monday & Wednesday, she wants a degree for the future & a Headship, though the baby is due any time now.

I had a rather strange card from Ginny. She sent me $190 for the China, but also says she'd like her money back now. I rang Church's there seems no problem but she has to write to them herself. I have written back & told her this, so its now up to her. She tells me she forgot to post the letter & cheque sooner. Also that she is taking an exam soon & hoped to get a good job afterwards. She hopes to get a degree "to be in a strong position if anything happens." Surely there's nothing wrong between her & Tom is there? I should be sad, I liked them both so much. Keep this under your hat, I may be jumping the gun, I hope so. You did say in the summer you wondered if there was anything wrong.

Its now 8 pm & Judy has taken Tessa home. She is such a lovely little girl, we just adore her. She's quite looking forward to the baby. I've just put our fires on upstairs, its as cold as charity. I wish Dad would have an electric blanket, he won't even have a hot water bottle. Take care my love, will write again soon. Tess has been showing me how to use a calculator, I'm thinking of getting one, it would help us a lot when shopping. Love to Louise & all who care  As ever

                Your Mother

        X X X X X


Did you get the snaps I sent you.