»  Letter: Monday, February 21, 1977

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire
14, Legion Drive
New York 10595

21. 2. 77

My dear Son,

Nice to get a letter at last & to know all's well with you. We were very worried when we saw on T.V the heavy snow & winter conditions. We've only had 2 really heavy snow falls, which cleared very quickly, but we've had constant rain, cold, grey days, most depressing. Today it's showery, but sunny & my spirits lift, I can see all the Spring bulbs well up, & as soon as its a bit warmer, I shall be in the garden tidying up. I want to paint the kitchen, but can't bear the thoughts of the upheaval yet.

Well, darling, we've got it right now about your proposed trip, glad you got your B.C's O.K. No bother if there's anything else we can do from this end you know we will, though it will be lovely to have you home. We are really sorry to hear of Tom's attack, it must be very worrying for Ginny & him. Ginny sent me $190 to pay for the rest of her china, but she would prefer to have the £100 deposit back & call the whole thing off. I contacted Church's & although they were a bit shirty they said there would be no problem but she has to write herself. I have let her know all this & now waiting to know what she's done about it. I put the $190 into my bank in the meantime to keep it safe, it came to £109. I will return it when I know what's happened. There was nearly £107 to pay Church's if & when the order was completed.

You seem to have some changes coming darling, I wish you had a home of your own & someone to care & look after you on a more permanent basis, but I expect you know best my love. You are always in my thoughts & I worry about you. Do look after your health, it grieves me to think you might be sick & alone. I'm all for a couple sharing, but I still think a man needs a woman to care about his well-being & to see he has clean linen on his bed & his person, & a meal to come home to. Lou sounds great, but you understand me I hope. Judy & family moved into a larger house last week, same area but much nicer outlook. Phil has been very busy decorating & tiling round kitchen, there's quite a nice garden so everything seems O.K. The baby is a darling & Tessa seems quite happy with the new set-up. She looks a little lady in her riding kit, I bought her a hacking jacket, Judy & Phil bought her hat, crop, jodphurs, shoes & gloves, she loves it. She swims well & now learning diving. We are fine, no more bangs!! only old age rushing on, nearly 65 & Dad 78 this year. I've put your Arran sweater away, till you come, but you'll have for next Autumn any way. I don't want to send it surface, it would be Summer before you would get it. All for now my darling. Write soon. As always, loving you,


                Love to Jay, Mary, Lou, etc.

        X X X  Judy new address.  51, Campion Close, same telephone No.