»  Letter: Saturday, May 7, 1977

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

John Derbyshire
126, Stevens Avenue
New York 10595

May 7th

My dear son,

I thought I would try my hand at my typwriter again, it is ages since I used it though to tell you the truth Judy has had it for some time. Darling you don't know how sad we are waiting to get a letter from you, it is so long since we last heard from you, in fact not since my birthday in March. Hopes rise every morning only to fade as the postman goes by. We just want to know if you are OK. Are you any nearer knowing when you are coming? We are still getting a lot of rain and very cold winds, but I would love you to see the garden now it is a picture. People passing by stop to have a look and say how lovely it is. I thought the drought last year had killed most of it off, but to my surprise very little died. Phillip is going to paint the kithen for me, he has got the materials, I hope it is done before you come, I have had some new Cushionfloor put down on the kitchen floor, it looks super. I can't believe it is a year almost darling since I was so excited getting ready to come, the memory of our lovely time together sustains me through many dreary days. I expect you are aware that we have Jimmy Carter in England at the moment, he seems to be getting a good reception, he seems a likable chap. I must tell you dear that I have had an invitation to the Mayors reception here on May 26th, Mark Aldridge is Mayor this year, Funny HA'HA'. However I shall go if it's only to see the shinnanikins! We are having a curry tonight for our meal, it smells good, wish you were here to share it. Please do let us know how you are faring love, are you looking after yourself? Dad and I are fine and little Marcus is lovely I had them both last weekend but of course Tessa comes first, she seems to love the baby but gets a bit folorn if Dad or I have him too long. She tells me she has written to you I do hope you will send her a card back John she really loves you, I feel so for her when she talks about her Daddy, she feels hurt so easily and of course they are besotted with the baby, I think she's bound to feel jealous.

This is the next day dear, still no news. Tess rang me last night to say she was coming today to stay the night, she comes most weekends, I told her I had cut you off with a shilling, and she was quite indignant. I am just going to have a walk up to Hardingstone to Jean's, we have a cup of coffee together and a couple of glasses of sherry and I stagger back full of good will towards everyone. It's not very nice, quite cold and stormy looking but I get fed up with staying in the house. Judy is com[ing] this afternoon and will bring the baby. Dad quite drools over him, he has a way with small children.

There has been quite a scandal at your old school John, which is now comprehensive, the headmaster has been steeling the funds and had buried money in the gardens or something odd. There has been a great outcry about how the standard has fallen since the changeover. We hear that Mike (your cousin) is changing his job again, Auntie has fallen out with them over their extravagant ways apparently they owe a few thousand and owe Cis about £300. Mike's had 13 cars in about 9 yrs. I think she's silly to interfere and should let them work out their own problems. He had such promise at one time, but he told me he was only good at music and had no other qualifications worth anything. It's a pity really as he hates teaching. Well my darling I hope this isn't a load of old drivel, we continue to moan about the Government and the cost of living etc: the weather which is diabolical, the miseries of getting old, and anything else we can thing of, I know I've made a lot of mistakes love but it will give you a laugh. Give my love to Mary and dear Jay, time is slipping by for them it will soon be August, I will write to them before then. Did you do that little job for me dear, your money is here when you come. Also love to Louise if you are still together, not forgetting Tom and Ginny. Please write soon darling, think of your poor old Mum and Dad watching and waiting, you could put that to music. All is well here, we just want to know that all is well with our dearly loved son. Old folks spend a lot of time looking back, do give us something to look forward to dear. Take good care of yourself my love come soon. Love you as always


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