»  Letter: Tuesday, May 24, 1977

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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62 Friars Av

24 May

Dear Son

Nice to hear from you. we had nearly given you up, but better late than never. The enclosed card is to wish you a Happy Birthday & many more & your present will have to wait till we see you, which I hope will be soon as your Mum: won't survive much longer if you dont put in an appearence soon. We are looking forward to it & I am getting no younger. We are all fit & well at time of going to press & I have no doubt Mum keep you up to date with the news. & I think I have given you all the advice that you can take so what is there left.

Your Mum went to the Mayor making at the Guild hall to day  Mr Aldridge, who is the retired Sec: from ST Edmunds & his wife was Matron, so we had an invitation to the ceremony of hoisting in the chair as Mayor for the next 12 months  I did'nt go as I hate his guts so I thought it wise to stay away. The weather is sunny but cold East Wind makes it miserable & as I had a bad winter last year I am not looking forward to next winter. I am afraid I am getting old & I dont like it one bit

I am glad to hear you have a nice room close to your work  I thought you might have had trouble finding digs in the posh district. & how is your love life. Dont make any mistakes as they are very costly & miserable to rectify. Judith has a lovely boy & Tessa loves him but when Mum or me nurse him she is up on our knees as well. we keep telling her she is No 1 with us but she still does'nt like it. I am writing on this paper so it wont weigh so much they are some old Memo Pads I used to use when I was working & I thought the heading & the footing was very appropriate dont you think so. Well Cheerio for now & look after yourself  longing to see you  hope it will be soon. lookout for pickpockets when you come as they have converged from 4 corners of the world for the Jubilee.

        Love Dad  X X X X


Wishing you a very
Happy Birthday
& lots more

        X  X