»  Letter: Friday, June 10, 1977

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire
126, Stevens Avenue
New York 10595

June 10th, 1977

My dear son,

still no news of you, we wait as usual day after day, hopefully, I know you are very busy dear, but surely you can find a few minutes just to let us know how you are, and when you are coming. The year has rolled around so quickly, but so fresh in my memory

Well, my darling, I'll try to catch up on the latest knews, at the moment we are in the throes of the queen's Silver Jubilee. Last thursday I went to the Mayoral Inauguration and the reception at night, it was a very grand do, with loads of champagne and good things to eat  Lots of people asked after you, especially Mrs Griffith and Mrs Aldridge, now the Mayoress. Phillip has done the kithen for me and it looks very nice, mostly yellow to make it sunshiny. I had the baby for the day last Monday, so that Judy could do some studying, I think I told you that she was doing a Dip;Ed. course at the Open University, as she's aiming for a Headship in the future. Dad's just come back from shopping, say's fruit is too dear to buy.

The weather is vile, cold and wet. the shopkeepers blame the cost of food on the weather — what ever it does, we can't win. Yesterday my club went to Hampton Court for the day, I went in the maze it was a laugh, and talked to many Americans, who all said they were having a wonderful time, London was jam packed with tourists and police everywhere. We watched the magnificent firework display on Aunties colour television at night, Dad still won't say one way or the other what he's going to do about ours, I want colour and he doesn't, so we are trying to wear him down! Tess and I now have a doll's house here, and have a great time buying tiny furniture and things, I love minitures, and have as much fun as she does. Must be in my second childhood!!

It will soon be the wedding now, I expect Mary is very busy, and great excitement all round. I plan to go to Snettisham to Mary and Fred's if I've heard nothing from you I hope to go early July for a few days. Judy and family go away, I think, the last week in July and first week in August, they are going to Swanage taking a large caravan. Noel is going to take Dad to see Auntie Polly for a day or two soon. I might go with them and go to see my brother at Wellington. You know he is badly disabled from his burning accident, I was always very fond of this brother and feel very sad to see him so.

Well, darling, it's pouring with rain and very dreary all my poor flowers are lying dashed to the ground. did you have a nice birthday? do anything in particular,? get your cards from us? is Lou still your number one pin-up? that's what Dad called me once!! I feel my age at times and tire very quickly seem to have lost my enthusiasm for things in general, I shall perk up when I know you are coming. Dad says he won't beleive it till he sees you on the doorstep. Mr Draper says Martin would like to see you when you come, he is a Detective Seargent now. Cousin Mike has changed his job again, He is going to teach Maths at a comprehensive school in Slough, Aunttie has heard in a round-a-bout way, I think I told you they had fallen out, Auntie criticized them for being so extravagant when they owed about three thousand pound a few hundred to her, though she is very upset about it, and as we all do, worries herself sick about them.

Marcus is a georgous baby and we all drool over him. Tess came second in her swimming Gala and was very upset not to be first, but "they" told Judy she is the nest breast-stroke in her age group, in the town, so this consoled her a bit. She's dying for you to come so she can go swimming with you. She's tall and slim and, to her disgust, very freckeled, but full of beans, cartwheeling all over the place. She longs to see her Daddy of course, I've told her if, and when, we win the "Pools" I will take her my self. While I think of it love have you got a phone number, if so please let us have it, just in case of emergency we should have rung you for your birthday had we had a number

I am very tired and going to have a rest now, I did a lot of walking yesterday. Please write or ring love  you are always in our thoughts, we love you very much and long to see you. Judy says don't you dare come while they are away, else she'll never speak to you again, so there!! Give my love and regards to all  Ginny never let me know whether Church's sent her money back. Do you realize you've only written to us once since March son? Bad, Bad. What ever Gods there are, I pray to keep you safe and well. Come soon.

        Loving you always


        X X X X