»  Letter: Friday, July 15, 1977

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire
126, Stevens Avenue
New York 10595

15th, July 1977.

My dear son,

as always it was lovely to hear your dear voice once again, and to know all is well with you, also to speak to Louise, I am really looking forward to meeting her and Jeremy.[1]  I hope he won't be bored here, in this quiet little place. I hope you can all come before the summer is over then I thought we could take Lou and Jeremy to some of our pretty little villages which are lovely at the moment. My garden is a bit of a wilderness but lovely with roses and all kinds of summer flowers  I'm trying to grow a few tomotoes but they don't look too happy just now! Yesterday my club went to Clacton for the day, it was very nice, we went into the Dolphinarium and saw all the wonderful tricks they do, weather is lousy, we've had about 7 to 10 days — really hot days, most disappointing.

Judy and family are away from August 30th to 13th. If I have'nt heard from you by then I shall go and have a week with Mary and Fred at Snettisham. Do tell Jay and Mary I am sorry I shall not see them married, but my thoughts will be with you all and I do wish them every happiness. Who knows I may be able to visit in the not too distant future, perhaps to my son's wedding!! that would give me joy. Last Thursday we had a very sad thing happen at my club, our Chairman collapsed and died instantly. I gave him the kiss of life and heart massage while waiting for the ambulance but it was useless a very nice man will be very much missed.

I was delighted to see Peter Starmer, it was nice of him, we talked of old times when you were children and had a laugh, he so wants to see you when you come,  It is 4 years since you went to U.SA. I feel sad when I think about it. So much has happened in the family. I have Marcus for the day ocassionly when Phil has a job on and Tessa most weekends.

Now darling, lets not be coy about sleeping arrangements when you come, do you and Lou want to have my bed, Jeremy in your old room and I can either sleep at Auntie Cis's or on the settee here, it is very comfortable or I can borrow a camp bed for the boy put your bed in Dads room Lou can have my bed and I on the settee, It is entirely up to you. Tess is dying to take you all swimming but if you leave it too late the outdoor pools will be closed. Judy says don't you dare come while she is away. She is now on 6 weeks holiday. You know she is doing a Dip. Ed. at the Open University and will be doing her final year starting in October. The baby is just beautiful and Dad adores him, but we do have to be very careful in front of Tess, she is so easily hurt if she thinks she is being left in the background  She has done very well at school and has a very good report, she starts at a new comprehensive school in September at Weston Favell I do hope it doesn't change her too much, she is a sweet girl and so gentle. She is longing for you to come, as we all are.

I told you I had a letter from Ginny, she got her money back from Church's O.K. said she had hoped to see you at Jay's wedding but they would not be able to attend now as they had Tom's sister staying with them and they were taking her down to Florida for a holiday. By the way love, how long shall you be able to stay? Don't take too much notice of Dads comments you know how he is, but he just thinks you are the cats whiskers he and Judy are great together now. My goodness, the things he's said to her and about her before now, have nearly caused me to shoot him!!

We, that is Tess and I have a superb doll's house here so if you go into White Plains before you come home you could bring her a little piece of furniture or little mats, I must be in my second childhood!

Well, my darling, do you remember this time last year we were in Washington, how wonderful that was. I shall never forget it. Do write love I look for a letter every day, and so disapointed as the weeks go by. Come soon, I feel sure Phil will fetch you from the air port if they are not away. Take care my love, always thinking of you and loving you. It's cold and dreary today. What's this youv'e been doing to the electricity at Westchester putting all the lights out in New York,[2]  did it affect you?

        All for now dear  love to Louse and all who remember

                As always

                    Mother .  X X X



  1. She means "Jonathan."
  2. A reference to the New York blackout of July 13-14.