»  Letter: Friday, July 15, 1977

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J R Derbyshire
62 Friars Av:

John Derbyshire
126 Stevens Avenue
New York 10595

62 Friars Av  Delapre    14  7 - 77

Dear John

It was nice of you to remember my Birthday & thanks for the Card & I can assure you it does'nt Bug me, when you are living on borrowed time nothing Bugs you. Although I dont want to go yet. I am longing to find out what is on the other side, if anything. I can't think it can be worse than here & when I do go my only regret will be missing all my Family & friend & I dont want any of you to grieve for me as I am not worth it or worthy of it. I think of myself as lucky to live this long, when I look back I can remember many times, but for lady luck, when I would have passed on & I often wonder why I didnt, till I look at you, Judith Tessa & Marcus & I am sure the answer is there. one or all of you will provide the answer because you are all a credit to Mum & me & I hope you all have a long & happy life. I hope I dont sound morbid as I dont mean to. I am just writing my thoughts. Your application is dragging on & I am afraid you will get a shock when you get the Legal Bill, but so long as you think its worth it nothing else matters as I often tell you I can advize you but its your life & only you can live it, but remember you are learning all your life & as long as you dont make the same mistake twice, if you do you are not learning anything. The world I grew up in was a poor but happy place to live in, now its a rich place but not a nice place to live in & its much to small a place now to last long. There is a good programme running on B.B.C its called (The Whole Universe Show) answers to the Question (Where do I come from) started last week & is on tonight. It explained last week how Planet Earth was formed, have you heard about it in U.S. its rather revolutionary. he says the universe is flat & the end of it consists of dust & gases which collect then explode & go flying through Space forming Planets & starting life & it is still going on & suggests we are at the dying end (makes one think?) anyway as he talks in millions of years dont get the wind up: I am breaking off to cook a meal as Mum is away all day on an old peoples club outing to Clacton left at 8.30 am expected back midnight. Aunt Ciss & Fred have gone as well.

Back again much refreshed. You will find a big change when you come over. everything costs double what it did when you left & still rising 18% per year I hope the shock wont be too much. Do you think its wise to bring Lou & Son over I see many difficulties but its up to you  I may be wrong, I usualy am. As you say Fred Laker can run an Air line 50% cheaper than any one else  I would think when they want you in London you would be able to stall them off for 2 or 3 weeks  i.e. pressure of work etc so you hang on till Sept. seeing they have been so long winded  I think a good reference from your Firm will clinch it.

Noel came up & took me over to Shropshire for the week end to see my sister Polly who is 82 next month  we had an intoxicating time  it made a change & believe me it is the only 3 nice days we have had so far  Polly said I always was lucky.

        The weather is awful  cold N/E winds quite a change from last year. I still go to town every morning (walking) & do the shopping. I shop around & its surprising the difference in prices from one shop to another  I bet I save £2 to 3 pounds a week & keeps me fit but every year it gets more difficult  both mu knees & feet are giving out & I doubt if I shall be able to go out much in the winter as I will be scared of falling down. I get some nasty pains in my head which I never had before which I put down to the 2 falls last winter as one was on the forehead & the other on the back of head.

You know the Postman who lives on the other side from us he is retired & just got back from Alaska been on holiday to see thier daughter who lives there, they had a lovely time & the daughter wants them to go & live there but they did'nt fancy that. We have a Golf Complex now on the Delapre Abby grounds, 18 holes & 9 holes, putting & driving greens for learners & there is a hell of a row going on & the Ratepayers are taking the Council to High Court about the cost & the need for the whole Complex cost £1,000,000 to make & is costing the ratepayers 300,00 (3 hundred thousand) pounds a year for up keep & no one had the chance to object so I am waiting to see what will be the outcome. Also there is great support for us, in Parliment & County, to get out of the Common Market as it is the cause of our infaltion. We are providing 65% of our oil now from the North Sea & in another year expect to be self supporting so that is a big saving but the Common Market are trying to tell us what to do & the country is getting fed up with them. They have told us we must find a new name for Ice cream as it is misleading owing to there not being any cream in the manufacture of it. how daft can you get

Michael has had a row with Aunt Ciss & Fred & does not speak to them. he is going down to Slough to a Sec: Modern School to teach Maths: this is his 6th School  I think he is going round the bend. They are about £3,000 in debt & no assets & Aunt: blew he top when she found out. Well all for this time & dont forget to write now & again look after yourself

        expect to see you in the near future   love from

                Judith Tessa Marcus Mum & Dad

                     X X X X