»  Letter: Monday, August 22, 1977

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J R Derbyshire
62 Friars

J. Derbyshire
126 Stevens Avenue
New York 10595

62 Friars Av.   22-8-77

Dear John

We feel very worried as we have'nt heard from you since the 12 July when you promised Mum: you would write more often. We worry for you. We know its only a thousand to one chance that there is anything wrong, but as we care about you we like to be assured & set our mind at rest. So if its only a few lines, so long as its more often, it will keep us happy. So consider yourself told off as per: instructions from Mum: who is doing her nut.

Well I dont know how the weather is your end but its lousy her, heavy rain, flooding & cold. We have only had 2 Fine days so far, & we are fed up, after last year. Every thing is much the same not much change perhaps a few years nearer to a revolution unless something turns up, like a humane HITLER? but no joking lawlessness is getting worse & something will have to bust. There is a new mob called National Front who is for polishing off the Blacks as Hitler did the Jews & at a election in Brum:[1]  for a new M.P. they put up a candidate who polled more than the Liberal candidate (makes one think)  I think if we can have a firm government we should be well round the corner by next year, (we have our own oil wells now) & aint it gushing out.

Tessa arrived back from Berlin yesterday after a week with her other Grandparents. They sent a return ticket for her & £10 to pay expenses to & from airport & guess who was pilot, non other than Grandad Dailey[2]  She had full V.I P treatment  mey by air personel & excorted to the plane & spent the time after take off in Cockpit  had a whale of a time.

I dont know what Mike is doing. he had to be out of his school house last Sunday & he has no were to go  Aunt Ciss & Fred are on holiday on the South Coast so we wont know till they come back but he is in a hell of a mess  I feel sorry for the 2 Boys as this is the sixth move since they were born & they must wonder what is wrong.

Well I see all you immigrants have got a reprieve  it would have saved you a bit of cash if he had done it a bit earlier  What is the position now  it look to me as you can now get your permit as of right now  You should keep us up to date as to your position now as we are interested you know & have been looking forward to seeing you summer so keep us informed. You will miss not having the run of the house  what are your new digs like & have you a phone No: so we could contact you if need be: Mum has turned 3 invitations down to visit as she was expecting to be entertaining you, so she has had to put up with me. Noel & me had the week end with Aunty Polly in Shropshire & that all the summer we have had. Judith & family had 2 weeks down Swanage (Dorset) got back on the Sat: & Tessa went to Berlin on the monday.

I am keeping fairly well but not looking forward to the winter  it gets me down when I can't get about & I am afraid of falling again as I still have some funny pains in my head that I never had before & it makes me wonder if the falls are the cause or whether its old age but both falls were on my head & knocked me out, & its no good going to the doctor its always the same cry (what do you expect at your age) the medical service is falling apart only staff to tend to the life & death cases & road accidents its shocking but they say there no money for Health Service as our former colonys might want to borrow a few millions & the Common Market if we dont get out quick we will go bust  Australia can supply us with beef at 10/- pound but we have to pay £1 more so the French farmer can have a £1 for doing nothing. Our Polaticians are supposed to have a Veto to use when anything doesnt suit us but they never use it. But I think there will be a bust up shortly as they now want to run our Oil Wells & tell us what price to charge for it

How is your love life going on is she still feeding you up for the kill  They are born to get thier own way & they know how to use us poor men we dont stand a chance. It reminds me about the Parson who went a walk with his beautiful daughter on Sunday afternoon & saw a lot of men fishing in the river & he stopped & gave them a sermon on fishing on Sunday instead of going to Church. He said I am a fisherman but I only fish for mens souls & I do very well & one man turned & said, looking at his daughter, look at the bait you are using.

Well all for & take note of what I have said. look after your self & write oftener please

        love from all here

                Mum & Dad  X X

                X X



  1. Brum = Birmingham.
  2. Allan Dailey's father — Tessa's paternal grandfather — was a commercial airline pilot.