»  Letter: Monday, August 23, 1977

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire
126, Stevens Avenue
New York 10595

Aug  23rd

My darling son,

all is forgiven! Just got your letter, I'd quite decided to cut you off with a shilling!! Well, dear, we wait hopefully each day to hear you are coming. We've had a foul summer, last week torrential rain, up to yesterday. Now, its a real balmy early Autumn day, but everything in the garden is ruined, when I can find the energy I'm going to tear out all the dead stuff & put some Spring bulbs in.

It sounds as though you had a great time at Mary's wedding. I did write to them, I hope we see some photographs. You say you've split up with Lou, well dear, you know your own heart best, you will find the right one some day. I just don't like to think of you being lonely. Tessa went to Berlin on her G. father Dailys plane, she had full V.I.P. treatment, I gather all Pan-Am were alerted that Captain Dailey's G. daughter was coming aboard.!! She was so excited & came back with lovely clothes her G. mother D had bought her. I had the baby while they went to the Airport. He is just gogeous, the happiest baby — apart from my own!! — We are all dying to see you. I am not going away love, perhaps we can get over to see Mary & Fred. I had a day with them last Thursday. They have a lovely mobile home at Snettisham. Barry is divorced & remarried & has his two boys. John Smith's wife left him with their two boys & he's living with his Ma. Peter wants to see you when you come. I plan to have a party for a get together. Jean — Isherwood — sends her love  Judy is coming over to collect her letter, it is their first wedding anniversary tomorrow, nearly our 35th wow.!! Cis & Fred are away on holiday with Janet & family. Janet has taken a house for them all at Bospham[1]  There's strikes at Heathrow & Gatwick, I hope its all settled before you come. Love you dearly, longing to see you. Take care of yourself. We saw all the riots on T.V. Its as bad here. Any excuse for violence. I can't bear it, it all seems so senseless. Come soon. Dad is aging fast.


                Mum   X X X X



  1. ?  Not in any of my gazetteers. Probably Bosham in West Sussex.