»  Letter: Monday, October 10, 1977

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire
126, Stevens Avenue
New York 10595

October 10th

My dear son,

I've waited day after day, hoping for a letter, but sadly no news yet from you. You can't imagine how I feel when the weeks go by, do you realize I've only had two letters from you since March. I had hoped you would ring us on our 35th wedding anniversary, but in vain. Come on, son, have a heart, I worry so about you. I pray every night for your safety, good health & happiness, whether anybody listens or not, I have to have some faith. I worry if I think you're lonely & think of you having to get your own meals & washing & everything. I know you are very capable, but I still worry. I long to see you. Last Saturday evening the bell went repeatedly & Judy & I both said "John" & "That's my brother," but it was Noel. Of course we were pleased to see him. Judy is just as anxious to see you as we are. She told me how you felt & was very upset, but I gather she has written to you. I don't think we should look back my darling, past is past. We all learn, don't waste time or money on useless past emotions love, it can spoil our lives as I well know. Live each day as it comes dear, there's so much that is good in life if we will accept it. It can't be all ups or downs, take it as a mixture. Your Grandmother Knowles had a saying "Everything passes, be patient."

Judy gave us a lovely dinner party with Phil's Mum & Dad, who've come to live near them. Last week my club took us to London to the Chelsea Pensioners' Hospital, it was very interesting. For Tessa's 10th birthday, Sept 23rd Judy took us to Madame Toussauds, I hadn't been since you were small children. It was very crowded, with lots of tourists. I tried to get me an Oil Sheik, but didn't see one I fancied.!!

It's a lovely day, sunshiny, blue skies but windy & cold. I guess Mary & Jay have settled in by now, give them my love, also Tom, Bianca — how sweet of her to ring us, & any one else interested. We are still trying to talk Dad into a colour T.V. No luck yet. You know how obstinate he can be. Jean Isherwood sends love, so does Auntie Cis. I'm having Marcus tomorrow, he's very lively but lovely. Tess was here at week end, quite the young lady now, but sad because someone had stolen her little Timex watch we bought her for her birthday. She wasn't Grandad to know & was afraid he would ask her where it was, but he didn't!! Love you, write, come.

        Mother  X X X X X