»  Letter: Friday, October 28, 1977

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J R Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue

John Derbyshire
126 Stevens Avenue
New York 10595

62 Friars Av:     28/10/77

Dear John,

It was nice to hear from you again & know you are well & booming, in spite of your losses. I wonder why anyone would like to buy shares that are worthless, you have been conned by the oldest trick in the book & you on the inside, do you think anyone would buy the shares if they were worthless. I think you should have held the shares. You see if these big companies want to get a controlling interest in another firm, they just start a rumour, down go the shares, they buy them cheap & then they get 8 times as many shares for their money. Any broker will tell you that U.S.A. stopped Japan taking over any U S A firms 15 yrs ago. of course I am not on the spot you are so I am talking what is common pratice but time will tell. Re your visa it looks as if your category has a long waiting list so he will put you in a shorter one & get you through quicker. You are on a good wicket getting the Firm to foot the bill, wonder what they will think of you selling the shares, that may take it as a lack of faith in the Firm. Anyway you know what you are doing as I so often tell you its only advice I give you so you can have a look at the other side of the picture, never mind its only money. Well do you think you will make it this year, if you dont make it before Xmas I would leave it till Spring. Fred Allen died on Sunday sudden, he had a bad heart. They cabled Barry but the Cable was returned not at this address, so he must have moved, or is away on holiday.

It is now the 29th as you get older it takes longer & I dont mean what you are thinking. Do I read between the lines you have fallen for a another folorn damsel & 3 not one this time. You will push your luck to far one time & go the way your bonds went "down" & dont say you have'nt been warned. Mum says she will write this weekend. Are you aware its been 2 months since we heard from you, surely you have got time to drop us a line more often if only to let us know you are OK as we worry if we dont hear anything. Cissie & Fred are down at janet's this week & they called on the way at Slough to pick Mike's two boys up to go with her as its end of term & they have a week off from school. Mike has got a council house & Cissie is upset at the thought of him living in a council house (snob) I think he is lucky to get a job teaching as he has had 5 before this & he only stays a few months, as he finds fault with someone or something.

I see the Yanks made the World Series quite easily, hope you did'nt get drunk on it. I am having trouble with my legs it comes & goes  Quack says its arthritis of the knee joints its very painful but I struggle to town as Quack sayes I must keep exercise it or it will set & I will not be able to get about. I am not looking forward to the winter as I am afraid of falling. We have had lovely warm weather for 2 months now quite sunny & warm. We have a wasps nest in the hedge down the garding & I am waiting for a good frost or two to kill them off so I can remove it. The council wanted £2-10 to move it & they were going to throw petrol on it in the hedge & burnt it hedge & all so I told them to take a running jump. Aunt Pollie is going to S. Africa on 30 November & staying for 3 months so it will be March before she gets back. Mum wants me to get a Colour TV but I dont like it  I have a 24" Black & White a good picture, colour license is £21-0 year against £9 B & W. & the stuff we get its not worth it. they put on one night a week a good programme & both at the same times so you can only see one of them. What sort of weather are you having, wintery.

You wont know the old Town when you see it I get lost if I go out of Town Centre they have made hell of a mess up & its cost millions £ we have a Golf Course in Delapre Park its cost a million to make & hundreds to run as only a few learners use it & the new road they made through Hardingstone waste of good growing land & cost over a million to make & could have been done for 1/3 of the price & they are now making one were the Mere Way joines Towcester Rd by the Cemetery  I think the whole country has gone Mad  we are in such a mess if it was'nt for the Oil & natural Gas we would be a Banana republic. Rape & Mugging is rampant on Main Roads & in day light gangs walk into banks & clear it out during opening hours & no arrests are made. You dont know how well off you are. Well all for now  I have got a bit of my chest  So look after yourself & drop us a line more often.


                Mum  Dad

                     X X X X X