»  Letter: Tuesday, November 29, 1977

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J R Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue

John Derbyshire
126 Stevens Avenue
New York 10595

62 Friars Av.  N.ton    29-11-77

Dear John,

It was nice to hear from you & to know you are O.K. The Weather here is very cold here only 4° in the day time & −4° at night, so you will see its not the kind of weather we like as when you get older you feel it more & when I think of another 4 months of it I dont think I can stand it (I said that last year)  But this year I have deteriorated more & at my age one does'nt come back there is no way only down. dont think I have thrown the towel in, I do try, but it gets harder so I just hope for the best & caryy on & if I find a better way I will try it (Aint I a dismal Johnny)

        Its not only me who is in a mess the Country has had it. We have protesters from every country in the world upsetting different towns every week & the Government give in to them. we have people of every colour sponging on the state. Dockers, Steel workers, being paid £60 a week just to attend place of work & sit playing cards & drinking tea. The Steel industry alone costs the Taxpayer £300,000,000 a year Railway £30,000,000 Leyland Motors £70,000,000 a year. Men on the dole receive more money than if they were working  some draw £50-0-0 & another job bringing in £30 moonlighting so you see we shall not rise up again but sink deeper in the shit  When they want money they just walk in to P.O or Bank with a toy pistol, "Hands up hand over cash" then walk out no one tries to stop them they dont get caught. Its so bad now that there is only one way out rebelion & dictatorship as there isnt anyone to command. Its not safe to be out after dark or in a lonely place in daylight as rape muggings & murder are every day events  dont give anyone a lift in your car expecially Blacks. You may think I am shooting a line but every word is true. All the money from oil will be thrown away with nationalised industries i e coal, rail, Steel, Shipyards, Docks. Steel is costing more than we are earning in oil. The Common Market tells us what to do & how much to charge for everything  they over rule our Parliment so for Gods sake dont come here to settle ever  at least U S A will never sink.

Allan came over to see Tessa yesterday & staying 2 weeks. he phoned up to day to see if he could call on us tomorrow  Tessa is thrilled  She is a lovely girl not only in looks talks nice & is well mannered & comes to stay with us every week-end   So that is Kathy is it well you are just at that vunerable age so watch out you know what I've told before you never marry the girl she marries you & when you kid yourself you are impressing her she is having a quiet smile & being Jed's[1]  sister is like I told you before shitting on your own door step (Bad) & with 3 kids you must be crackers. I will see if I can trace Mr Gissing up & let you know how I get on. Well your papers are taking thier time comming through goodness knows what they are doing they must be tracing the Family Tree. if they do they will kick you out? What dental treatment are you having that is so expensive Top & Bottom set of gold. Auntie Polly (my eldest sister, is flying to S. Africa tomorrow for the winter & her son in law & daughter are running her down to Heath Row & calling at Cissie's for lunch so we are having a get together. She is 83 next August she has more pluck than me. Mum told you about Fred Allen he has been ill for a long time  Barry is coming over next year. I am having trouble with my leg. I am going to see the Quack about it  I get 2 lumps at the back of the knee hard & as big as a fist otherwise I am not to bad otherwise  I can eat & sleep & if I had two new legs I would be OK  Still when you get old & different parts start to wear out there isnt anything one can do about it but grin & bear it. you never tell us much when you write  it always short & sweet  surley since you wrote us last you have been doing some interesting things & events are happening every day which would interest us so pull your socks up

Well its past my bed time so I must close just one more bit of news. Mum's brother's daughter is paying us a visit on Thursday Vicky from Cannock Staffs  I dont know if you remember her  her husband & two children they have & he has 3 businessess electrical there is some sort of another man & she is coming to stay with us for a few days to sort it out.

        Well all for now   love from all of us

                DAD  X X X

                    X X X

PS  I hope you can read my writing   Dad



  1. He means Jay's.