»  Letter: Tuesday, December 6, 1977

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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62, Friars Av.  6.12.77

My dear Son,

Thank you for your long awaited letter, I'm happy to know you are well. Things have been a bit hectic here recently. Your cousin Vicki rang me two weeks ago to ask if she could come to visit. As I hadn't seen her for years I was somewhat surprized, but of course said "Yes." It seems she's in love with another fella & out of love with her husband & wanted to get away to sort herself out. Unhappily, she has two very young children of 6 & 5 years & her husband will not let her take them if she goes. The other fella is married with a child & there's ructions all round. Oh! dear, John, I'm glad I'm old. "All passions spent"!! it makes life much easier — I think. Anyway, we had a few nice days together & she promised not to do anything till after Xmas for her children's sake.

Allan is visiting Tessa & making plans for her to go next summer. She is a lovely child & delightful with the baby. He too, is gorgeous. We are going for Xmas dinner & they come here Boxing Day. It would really be marvellous if you could get home for Xmas, but I don't count on anything.

It is very cold & drear here & I've just had a couple of days in bed with a heavy cold & cough, but better now. We've been having an "up & downer" with the council. In November we had £3 rise in Old Age Pension & the council increased our rent by £3.19p. I wrote to them & also contacted our local Councilor. It seems they had us down for about £480 for interest on Savings — only about £400 too much.!! Anyway, its adjusted now. I was really mad. Don't know how they got this information. Actually, its approx. £150 a year.

Darling, I've inquired about your books, & the soft ones are £1.70, hard back £5!! I've ordered these, but so far they say 3 weeks, & can only get "Netherworld" till after Xmas. I will send it as soon as it comes, & any others I can get.

Judy would love you to come for Xmas, but I think you'd miss the Central Heating. If I don't write again before Xmas dear, you know you will be in our thoughts, as you always are. We shall be at home in the evening if you ring. Thank you for snaps, you all look so serious, we did laugh. Mary looked lovely.

Well, darling, all till next time. Take care. Come soon.

        Love you dearly,

    X X X  Mother  X X X

Love & regards from all here & mine to anyone there interested.