»  Letter: Wednesday, January 4, 1978

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire
126, Stevens Avenue
New York 10595

Jan 4th

My dear Son,

well, Xmas over once more & a lovely New Year started. I wonder what it holds for us all.? For you darling, I hope & wish everything good, health, tranquility, love, success, & above all, that we shall see you. We all got your cards last Wednesday, Tess was delighted she had one to herself. I got her a gift voucher from her "Uncle John" as I like her to think at least one of her 4 uncles thinks about her, though she did ask why my writing was on it!!

We had Xmas dinner at Judy's in the tradtional way & then Boxing Day they came to us, & we had roast pork, etc, Xmas Pud & Mum's raspberry trifle, mincepies, Xmas cake chocolate log etc. Last Saturday, New Years Eve, we went to Phil's parents, who have a lovely Corporation Development flat at Billing. Again, turkey, etc. New Year's day we went to a buffet lunch at Jean's & ate & drank all day. I had been to a Hospital party on Dec. 23rd so all told I've put on lbs, its disgusting, but what the hell.!! I had a lovely card from Mary & Jay. It was great to chat to you, but I always weep afterwards, it seems so nebulous. Judy bought me 2 delicate wild flower studies, & Phil sent me a beautiful boquet of chrisanthemums, which still look lovely. Jean bought me trousers & tabard, Mu a brooch, & Auntie Win sent us £5 to have a booze & buy the children something. Tess & Marcus had loads of presents, & everyone had a happy time, even Dad!! His presents were all booze, whiskey & brandy that is. He bought me a large bottle of Advocat — which I love — & gave me £5. Do you remember years ago buying me a pedal bin, sadly its broken down, so I am going to get a new one. The sales are on & I want some new kitchen stuff, like scales, knives, spice rack etc. Some of mine are 36 years old.

Its a lovely day today, though we've had quite severe gales. I love to feel that Spring is on its way & already things are coming through in the garden. I'm baby sitting this afternoon, which I love, Marcus is a delightful baby & such a happy little soul. I could eat him, but of course we have to be careful in front of Tess. She spends a lot of time with us & we love having her, she is such a darling. She plays chess & is teaching me, but I'm as thick as 2 planks. I'm glad you had a happy time at Xmas, you don't say how old Kathy's other children are, the little one seems to have charmed you. Can you stand the racket?!! Well, darling Judy is fetching me over any minute so all for now. You know you are always in our thoughts, our love & concern reach out to you. Write soon, take good care of yourself. I could do with some of your exercising gadgets, I'm too lazy. Give my love & regards to anyone who cares. Love you as always

        X X X X X X X X X X X  Mother

        Did you have all your teeth capped i/c gold?