»  Letter: Friday, January 27, 1978

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J R Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue

John Derbyshire
126 Stevens Avenue
New York 10595

62 Friars Av     27/1/78

Dear John,

It was nice to hear from you again, & know are fir & healthy. I see by the papers you are having a rough time weather-wise. Ours is bad enough, places flooded, the worst for years, so they say. our little spot, we have a snow fall about 4" it only lasted a week. I was in the house from Monday till Sunday. I dare not risk another fall  I had enough last year. We have a birthday in the family as no doubt you have heard. Your nephew is 1 year old on Tuesday, 31st. Mum is making a cake & I have'nt heard the facts

As you say, here we are again another year, my 79th[1]  & feeling every one of them, but looking back & all the ups & downs I find I have enjoyed most of them, thanks to the rude health I have had & good luck. Looking backwards only makes me see that I never looked just lived from day to day, but life was good then & we ruled the world & what we said was law all over the world. Now we are home for the scum of every nation in the world living without working, on us. The come in the country go on the dole & no one questions them. Every Sunday the News of the World[2] has cases but the Government cant find them, because no one looks for them. Last Sunday, a man & his wife with 9 children came over here from the Irish Free State & collects £100 a week & says he could do with more  he & his wife go to the Pub & sit there drinking & he isnt breaking any law. you wouldnt believe what goes on here,

I think you & Kathy spend a lot of time together. looking back I find the best times are when you are single. I thought I would just let you know. If I had of found a female with a good bank balance I would have had a go. Now we both know money is not necessary happiness but marriage without it is bound to flop, because one of you is going to be dissatisfied, more so now with Womens Lib as they want to be wed but live thier own life. it was different in my day

You seemed to have a good Xmas  We had a nice family Xmas at Judith Xmas day, our house Boxing Day & at Judith's in laws the following Sat. quite nice we enjoyed. Wait till you see your nephew he is gorgous. We thought you were a good baby (which you where) but he licks all. I agree with you toys are not to educate or make you think but to entertain you that is why this country & the world is in such a state. Children of 16 yrs no O levels cant read or wright because they wont let anyone teach them. They see & read about PoP singers earning? thier millions of £ & they think that is all they have to do when they leave & if they dont make the grade they go mugging & robing banks in broad day light. You musn't think this is the country you left there is no law now. You will have a shock.

Dont worry about your cards only to glad to get them even late as long as we know you are happy so are we. I hope you get your papers through soon its disgusting  Its nice to hear you are happy at your work & the Firm is prospering. (I read in the Times now is the time to invest in America as the boom is on the way, but shareholding is a dicey job in any country  the only way is through a trust were your eggs are not in one basket. Mr Gissing seems to be out of print. If you read enough of Johnson you will think like him & we have moved forward a bit since his day  I often say to Mum I'll get a rocking chair like my mother had  its better than Yoga & easier to practice. I know Mum: keeps you up to date with the home news that only leaves me the preaching & as you are getting older it take more to convince you that the sermons I give you are up to date. I dont blame you at your age  I was the same & I think its general. This country is on the slippery slope & I see nothing for the next 100 yrs & we will sink so low it will take another 100 yrs to get back to any sort of life for the working man.

The fact is that every on knows what is wrong with the Country & they all have a different cure but with our ailment there is only one cure (Dictator) or rebellion because the different fractions can't agree. so someone will have & give the orders & enforce them. Murder, Rape Mugging are quite common in day light no one interfers  Old people are robbed & battered to death 2 or 3 a week  there isnt any law as I knew it but just jubgle law. I am trying to get a gun. then I will go out & find them as they are not fit to live. I am giving you this information just to warn you when you come, so dont take anything for granted & be on your guard. I hope you dont think I am being to dramatic.

Well all for now, look after yourself & although we would like to hear from you more often we are always thinking about you & longing to see you





  1. Actually his 80th, counting 1899 as his first … but people never get these things right. Dad saw ten decades, from the 1890s to the 1980s.
  2. A Sunday tabloid newspaper.