»  Letter: Tuesday, February 7, 1978

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire
126, Stevens Avenue
New York 10595

Home.   Feb. 7th

My darling Son,

A cold, blowey, snowey day, so here I am squatting by the fire, wondering if you are suffering the blizzards we read & see on T.V. I pray you are well & happy. I find winter very depressing & long for warm sunshine. Dad has gone to get shopping, he moans about prices, weather etc., & has slowed down to almost full stop. Old age really scares me John, I see 70 staring me in the face, the years seem to fly by. Be happy, my love, do "your own thing", it all goes by too quickly, take each day as it comes. I know Dad's always giving you advice, & I know he means well, but as he's so bitter about life in general, I shouldn't worry too much. I don't want you to have his outlook. As I've said before, you're your own man & though I love you dearly, what makes you happy makes me so. I long to see you & you are in my thoughts every waking second, but my memories are mostly sweet & keep me near you. Sometimes, according to my mood, I have smiles to myself, sometimes a few tears.

Last Tuesday, Marcus was 1 yr old, & I went over to tea, he really is gorgeous. Tess comes every week-end & we talk about you & her Daddy. She is going to Hawaii in the summer, we are all contributing to her fare. Allan wants her to finish her education there when she's 13. — another 2 yrs yet. Judy says she has to choose herself. I should miss her terribly, but want what seems best for her.

Last Sunday, Dad & I went to Jean's for lunch, it was great & we drank to you. Enclosed is a snap some-one took of Jean I at a "Hospital do" last Summer. You will see how fat I've got again, it really depresses me. I have clothes I can't get into & can't get rid of. I expect they'll end up at "Ox-Fam.!!

As soon as the weather is warmer I mean to get the house in order ready for you. I hope you will come in the Spring when the daffies are out. The garden, at the moment, is a soggy, depressing sight, I shall be glad when I can get cracking on it. Do you see Tom, give him my regards, he is a dear man, so I think.

Next Friday, Dad & I have been invited to dinner at the home of the Secretary of St. Crispin's Hospital, friends of Jeans, & Dad has said he'll go, taxi laid on for us. They came to Jean's party & we had a hilarious time listening to the sexual exploits of patients & staff, particularly at night, I cried with laughing  "Playboy"s got nothing on them. Wow!! there's a lovely shiney ball up in the sky, its the Sun.!!

My darling, I understand how you feel about marriage & your need for solitude now & then & I think you are very honest with your girls, as I said before, "do your own thing". — don't let anyone get too possessive, it leads to unhappiness & trouble. We humans are a queer lot. Give my love to Mary & Jay, regards to all interested

        Love you as ever

                Mother  X X X X X

Dad's just come in, wet & cold & ready for a "cuppa".