»  Letter: Friday, March 17, 1978

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire
126, Stevens Avenue
New York 10595

March 17th '78

My darling son,

received your card & letter today, thank you dear for cheque. First of all, I thought I might buy myself a gold gate bracelet which I would love, but my more sensible self put it in the Building Society, as interest here pays the heavy heating bills for winter which has been very long & cold. I shall take Jean out to lunch on my birthday, ugh!! 66, soon be an old woman.!! Apart from colds & niggles of ageing, we are very well & as I told you 28 lbs fatter — disgusting. This means letting seams out now, or buying new clothes.

We read & saw on T.V your storms & snow. Last week was really beautiful Spring weather but yesterday morning it had snowed like the clappers & everywhere inches of snow. By lunch time it had all gone & today cold & drear again. I want to get in the garden but too cold & lazy yet.

We, of course, worry about you & long to see you, Dad's quite convinced he'll never see you again. I am sorry about Mary, I will write to her today. What is Jay doing in California? I do hope she has recovered by now. Dear, I'm curious, does Kathy work? who looks after the children? Is she divorced? Are you in love with her & do you live with her? Just nosey love, I don't want things to get too complicated for you, to hurt or be hurt if it doesn't work out, I just want you to be happy. If the children get fond of you, as I'm sure they are, they going to be upset. I know a little girl of 5 can be enchanting, distracting, & expensive!! Is it a ready made family? Does their Dady see them or help support them? I wish I could see you all again. Perhaps in a couple of years I could come again, that would be something to look forward to.

Judy wants us to go to lunch on Easter Sunday.[1]  Tess is afraid you'll come while she's away. July 16th — she goes for 4 weeks. She really loves you. The baby is gorgeous, I'm going to have him two days, Easter week, to let Judy get some swotting in, she takes her finals for a Dip. Ed. soon. She wants you to meet Phil & see Marcus, do keep in touch with her love, she's your only touch with home when Dad & I pass on. Noel also wants to see you. Robert marries in July, he's a lovely fellow. I've bought the children Easter eggs. I expect Tess will be here tomorrow, she's very anxious to know, where is going to sleep when Uncle John comes. Give Jeanine a hug & kiss from me & regards to Kathy. I wish I had met her. Do you see anything of Tom & Ginny. Remember me to all. Dad will be writing soon. I'm reading all our ancient Monarchy up, we've had some odd bodies eh!! I love history & read a great deal historical & travelling books. I laughed on T.V, the goats on the steps of the Capitol, to think I had stood there with my beloved son!! Take care my darling

        As always with love

                Mother  X X X X X

                X X X X X X



  1. March 26.