»  Letter: Wednesday, March 29, 1978

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J R Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue
England   G.B.

Mr John Derbyshire
126 Stevens Avenue
New York 10595

62 Friars Av    3-78

Dear John,

It was nice to hear your voice on Mum's Birthday & to know you are well & happy, one can't ask for more out of life. I look back on my life & find I have taken more out of it than I have put into it which makes me feel as if I had cheated, & then I think who have I cheated & surprisingly I find I have cheated myself, as with a bit more thinking things out I could have gone further. Then I look at things at 79 yrs & it only seems like yesterday, so from that point I would not been any better off than I am now, (that is life  I was born in a world & I still try to live in it, but times have changed & as I have'nt all I can do is sit & wait for the result which I know from experience, is on the way & I am to old to fight it  You see all the people who rule our lives are well in the latter part of thier lives & in a hurry to do things that only make things worse. It would be a good thing if the young would take over & any mistakes they made they would have to live with them & they have one consolation they cant do any worse. So how do I retroact? by sitting down & watch it pass by, beacuse I know that when I have gone the only sorrow I will have is that my own kin will have to live with it & they will be the only ones who will remember me? I can see the future very clear & its not nice so I beg of you dont take anything on any commitments on that hold you back from moveing on  always be in the position so that when your hat is on the roof is covered & you will always be happy & I am not looking into a crystal ball but just from experience. You have, whatever it is, that makes old age four times over so bar accidents & the medical advancment in the future it wont seem long. When it comes, till you are going over the last 90 yrs of your life, I can hear you saying, The old B— knew what he was talking about. I know you will have a good laugh when you read just as I have done several times to my sorrow, but do have it in mind every time you come to a crossroad & pause awhile before you act, if only to oblige me. I am not kidding you when I look back & then compare it with the present & then look forward to what has to come & some of the things I see are inevitable because the world is only the size of Britain as to when I was young & the people quite the opposite in nature than now & the poor where happy the very poor very unhappy & the rich aragont & every one knew his place & most of us kept our place owing to the onesideness of the social system but now all that dicipline is gone & anarchy taken over & the result will be confusion & it will take one generation to realise dicipline is necessary & generations to apply it & make it stick & there is'nt any easy road. This Nuclear age has put this weapon in every nations hands & judging by the use criminals are using blackmail with every day weapons any nation can do with the threat of the Atom Bomb, so you & the next 2 generations are in for a rough time. its taken 25 yrs to get to this stage & it will take another 50 yrs to rectify.

Well I could go on & on as I see the picture quite plainly but I dont want to bore. I have not doubt Mum keeps you up to date with home affairs. We went to Judiths for our dinner last Sunday & enjoyed ourselves  you will love you nephew  he is the cats whiskers & Tessa has a rough time as she has to take a back seat although we have talked about it she wont share Mum & me with anybody  We have her at weekends & she enjoys it & makes the most of it.

        The weather here is awful rain & cold  I dont think I shall ever get warm again  I feel the cold more this last 2 yrs than ever  Mum is out all day to day gone with an Old folks Club tour & it has rained all day none stop so I dont suppose she will have had much fun. I hope you can read this as my pen keeps missing & it annoys me.

Noel's son Robert is getting married in June a girl from Sheffield & the Wedding is up there  I dont think I shall go its too far away. Noel came up last week & said they would stay the night as it would be risky driving back the same as the cops are hot on drink & drive as Noels son found out. Peter was caught took his licence away & when he gets it back his insurance is 4 times more he has just his licence back also your insurance is void if you have a accident & all the costs of the accident falls on you so you see its a costly affair. Aunt Cissie is away at Janets for Easter we had a family reunion at thier house when Polly came back from Africa  Aunt Polly is 83 on 20/Aug: & she flew to S.A & back no trouble  they dont make them like that now. Mike is teaching at Slough  There is a lot of controversy going on now about children leaving school at 16 can't read or write & employer can't have boys for apprentice owing to lack of education  some of the Teachers cant spell you wouldnt believe it  a paper printed specimen letters that Teachers have sent to parents also remark writen in childs books in correcting them. this has been going on for years  Judith is sitting exam for Education certificate & it seems Teachers without degree will have to go (What a world)  Do you wonder my pessimism. Well all for now  look after yourself & dont do anything I wouldnt like losing your liberty

        Love Dad & Mum

                X X X X X