»  Letter: Wednesday, May 24, 1978(?)

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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I think he is write  Dont you.

So just watch it on the 3/6 inst

Wishing you a very happy Birthday  we will talk about a present when you come home. Its been so long, I am beginning to wonder, who is this bloke in U S A. Any way we are always thinking & talking about you & at the same time birthdays come & go. I have no doubt you & your bit of crumpit will celebrate  we are anxiously awaiting to hear when you will be headed homewards

All the best on the day & we will be with you in Spirit (Whisky) & hope it is only one of a great many to follow on. Love from Dad Mum Judith Tessa Marcus.

        X X X X X X X

Tessa goes to Hawaii in 7 weeks to visit her Dad.