»  Letter: Tuesday, June 6, 1978

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

Mr John Derbyshire
126, Stevens Avenue
New York 10595


My dear son,

wondering how things are with you, have you come to any decision yet. I'm not happy about you going to the Far East, it seems like a powder keg to me, still I know you'll do as you wish. I shall just pray for your safety. Nothing much here, one day runs into another & the weeks seem to fly by. We've had a glorious few days, hot & sunny, but back to rain today. We've been out of doors till nearly dark. The World Cup dominates the T.V. just now bores me stiff, but Dad likes it, when he's not sleeping!! Did you get your birthday cards? & did you do anything exciting? Don't forget to send Dad a card for his 79th birthday, July 12th, he says he doesn't care if nobody remembers, but he does really. His legs are very bad at times, but its an arterial thing & nothing to be done. It makes him very miserable & depressed.

Allan has now come to live in California so Tess won't have quite so far to go, its only 7 weeks now. Judy has taken her final exam for Dip. Ed. so I hope she gets it, its been a long 2 years. The baby is lovely but all climbing & very curious about everything. I went to Snettisham & had a week with Mary, but it was cold, wet & windy. Still nice to see her. Barry had been to see her, he's divorced & remarried to a Korean girl. Barry has 2 boys by his first wife & his wife just had a baby boy. We talked about you all of course  She has a very nice Mobile House & seems quite happy.

My club went on a days outing to the Wedgewood factory a Stoke, it was lovely. a hot sunny day, very enjoyable but very expensive. We watched several operations of the potters craft, most interesting. On June 20th we have an outing to Cheddar Gorge & Weston Super Mare. I don't go on evening outings as its mostly 3 hours stop in a pub. I don't mind an hour, but 3 is too many. Some of these old dears really pur the booze away. Jean is just back from Switzerland & has taken me out to lunch. She's very good to me. Sends her love. She wants to retire, but can't bear to give up the money!! Its almost 2 years since I came to U.S.A. it seems like a dream now. I had a nice letter from Mrs Kettenring at St John's Hospital, hoping we could meet again. How is Kathie & children Mary & Jay, Tom & Ginny. Take care of yourself my love. You are very precious to us. Write soon. You are always in my thoughts.

                Love you.

        Love from all here.   Mother