»  Letter: Tuesday, June 13, 1978

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

John Derbyshire
126, Stevens Avenue
New York 10595

June 13th

My darling Son,

just got your letter, of course, we are thrilled you are coming home, & you know we shall do all we can to make you happy & comfortable, I've always been at work before, but can now look after you properly. Dad has written to you & given you the gen. from Lloyds Bank, no problem apparently, your Bank there can send a draft either in dollars or Sterling, you lose a bit either way. Dollars here are $1.82. to the £1  I shall enquire at Barclays & Westminster when I go to town on Friday. When you come you can transfer to a Building Society if you wish. I believe their interest rates are going up. The Halifax pay 6½% at the moment. As far as tax is concerned, you don't pay on what you bring in, but on interest, after allowances, which, as long as you are not employed, seems to be nil. It's all very complicated.. Do take care of your money love. I shall give you Judy's old room & you can have my desk up there, but we can fix you up to suit your needs when you come. I have a typewriter & your old Grundig, if they're any good. I only hope you won't be bored. I've thought of having a shower put in but again will see how things go for you. If you do travel first, take care, especially if you go to Russia, there's so much unrest & violence everywhere. I fear for you. I know my love, there's a certain amount of sadness at leaving good friends & places where you've been happy, but its so easy now to revisit if one wishes. I'm sure Tom will be upset, he spoke very highly of you & your work. Well, "one's man's meat is another man's poison, that's life. As you say you've got skills you can use anywhere in the world. Who knows, we may have a famous author one day. You don't say what kind of book waiting to get out.!! You could send a trunkful on by surface, if you think that a good idea. Phil & Judy will always fetch you from the Airport if you let us know times etc. We had a glorious week of summer 2 weeks ago, but lousy since then cold & grey. I'm sick of football, we have the World Cup day in, day out.

Well, my darling, keep us posted, take care, good luck. By the way, we're a long lived family both sides so you should be OK for at least another 50 years!!

See you soon.

                As always


                X X X  Mother.

        Give my love to everyone especially Jay & Mary, Tom & Ginny. Poor Kathie!!