»  Letter: Tuesday, June 13, 1978

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J R Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue

John Derbyshire
126 Stevens Avenue
New York 10595

62 Friars Av.  N;ton   13-6-78

Dear John,

I hope you had a nice birthday & did'nt get to drunk. We where all thinking about you & as usual when were we going to see you & if you had made up your mind as to what you intend to do. (jobwise). The state the world is in its a job to find any part of it that can be called in good state now or in the future. I think every on has gone mad. Looking back over the years we did'nt know what a paradise we were enjoying. There was then a small fraction evil & you knew them  now there is a small fraction good honest citizents & if found out they would be put to sleep & nothing is surer than the time is very short when we shall have to decide what is to be done about it. In days gone by Britain could put the world to rights but since we lost power the world has never been settled & Russia is showing her hand & we are sleeping, as usual, & for all that have tried, no one man can rule the world, but there is always one who will have a go & Russia will cause a lot of trouble before she learns that lesson. Its Ironic the two countries who lost the war are now the two richest countries in the world it does'nt pay to win a war.

How is the domestic part of your life. You know you are playing with fire there is no truer saying (a woman scorned etc). have you heard any more of the 2 jobs you wrote about.

Noels Robert is getting married on Sunday  he is marrying a girl from Sheffield  we are not going its to far & I can't travel these days I dont get about as well as I used to  my legs are troubling me  the Doctor says its the valves in my veins carrying the blood to the muscles that is weak & I am going to see him again this month but they are not very interested in anyone my age so I shall have to carry on. I manage my walk to Town every morning

We got your letter this morning 13/6/  I am glad as I would have finished & posted this letter  We will be on the hop now till we see you & not until. It will be nice being home but you must expect to be unsettled for a while as I was. I remember I was ready to catch the first ship back & it lasts a while so be prepared. I should say get a packing case made large enough to put all the things you intend to keep in it & tell a shipping agent to pick it up & send it to this address as Judith did when she returned, that way you can keep as much as you want & no trouble. As for your Bank I am going to enquire tomorrow at the Building Society about your Bank sending your money to them  Allan did when he came home  Enid put £1,000 each in to Building Societys before they came over & it would be earning interest 6% & be available for withdrawal any amount anytime you need it, but I will make all inquiries & Mum will let you know when she writes later.  & dont bother you wont be taxed on it & its a Bank transaction customes does'nt enter into it  our Government will be only too pleased to have the dollars $1.83 to the pound & the charge for converting is not much. if you decide to send it from Bank to Bank send it to Lloyds they are the cheepest

I have just had a word with Lloyds Bank & he assures me it is no trouble  just get your bank to send it by Air Mail letter either Dollars or pounds & get safety give your Bank your Passport number which they will put on the letter to Lloyds Bank George Row Northampton Branch & you can indentify yourself when you get here  its as simple as that & he assures there is no tax & if you get your Bank to send it in Serling (£s) you will know how much you will have in £ deposited so have a word with your Bank & say you want to transfer (Dollars or £) by Air Mail & they will explain it to you but they tell me its no trouble. As for you writing it will be a good Idea you only want one hit & you are made for life & by writing articles for newspapers is bread & butter & I can give you information for them on up to date affairs I can tell you but I cant express myself on paper & you could put it on paper

I am glad you have finished with Kathie because they can be nasty & do a lot of things which you would never think of. You are only young  if you have my luck, you are not half way to being old yet so dont worry  when your hat is on the roof is on & not a wife & 3 kids to think about, its a pity you got involved. Well all for now & dont keep us waiting long.

                love  Dad