»  Letter: Friday, June 30, 1978

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J R Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue

John Derbyshire
126 Stevens Avenue
New York 10595

62 Friars Av.   30-6-78

Dear John,

nice to hear from you but rather surprized about the news that you are leaving although I should'nt be as you are following a pattern exactly like mine  I did the same so let me tell what will follow next. If you come home first you will be fed up in six months. I knew I had made a mistake the moment I stept ashore but I had Noel & there was more unemployed in the world then, fewer jobs & a ½ of the population so I had no alternative, but I intended to return whe Noel was older but the war intervened & I was in the civil service so that was that. Now you crave for China. I can understand you wont be happy till you have seen Pekin so the sooner you get it out of your system the better, but dont forget you are in your prime & must make your mind up now which way you are going to go. So get all what you want to do out of your system because now time flies, & although its 45 years ago since I was your age, it only seems yesterday. You have got skills I never had, remember the world alters quicker now so don stand still but move with the times & keep up to date & you know we are always with you so what you do & as I have always told you, I can only advise you but its your life & the best of luck. I hope you have as much luck as I did. When I look back I see now how much luck I had that I only see it now. All we want is to see you again. You dont want to bother about Kathie she knew the score so forget her. & dont bother about Tax we will work that out when you get here & as far as I can see you will only be Taxed on the interest from your capital so if you have $10,000 you should have no tax troubles & you will be eligable for unemployment pay so I would see Barclays New York & get them to transfer it to England. As you no doubt see, if you are going to wander about you dont want to carry a lot of money on you because you wont be able to be a Bum (Bowery or otherwise) with a gold watch & chain & a pocket full of travelers cheques. So ask the bank manager about transfer on the principle that you dont have to carry anything to prove yourself other than your passport, & in you dairy copy your passport number & identification of any other documents & Travelers Cheque just in case you lose them, its much easier to claim if you have identity. but I hope you come home first & then if you feel like it wander off & if you do deceide we are able to look after you & be glad to. so dont do any thing hasty  I am sure it would be much cheaper to take advantage of Laker & come home first & do the other after & also ease our minds about seeing you. as you say, if you go East first you may not want to leave  You can let anyone interested know where to find you & if they want you they will find you. Never mind Jay (you should have learned by now "Dont trust you best friend with your money or girl" (Derbyshire 1978) & I think you will find its illegal to have a Swiss A/C in U.S A. & in any case you have to personly deposit the cash & as you say its not worth it & I think you will have to show a Tax clearence before you can leave the U S A. I feel sorry for Tom & I will drop him a line  I did tell him this would happen when he stayed with us, but his wife said she would introduce you to some nice girls & give you a party for you to get you married & anchored down. I dont think Tom would be surprised. I was the same, always wanted to see what was on the other side of the hill & when you have learnt your job & there are no problems work gets boreing so I know how you feel & I want you to enjoy life while you are young enough because these times only come round once, no second chance. that is why I dont want you to get married & get boged down  I know it might seen hard but thats life  Mum & me worry about you Judy & children & always will do & we would'nt have it any other way but its a burden we dont want you to have to just for a few moments when you heart rules your head so love them & leave them  Married life is like working in a chocolate Factory you soon learn to hate them, its the same with marriage you see "its there when you want it, but the trouble its there when you dont want it, & then the trouble starts  Varity is the spice of life. Well I hope we shall see you soon  come & put your feet up for a while before you wander off again. Have you got the packing case for all your things  just send them here like Judith did   Well all for now & we are keeping our fingers crossed

                Dad  X X X