»  Letter: Thursday, July 20, 1978

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J R Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue
Northants:  England

J. Derbyshire
126 Stevens Avenue
New York 10595

62 Friars Avenue  20-7-78Mmmmm DDth 1978

Dear John,

We received your letter to day, 20 July  it is Post marked the 11 July so I dont know were it has been as it usually 5 days. I have arranged an appointment with Barclays Bank manager for 10 a m tomorrow, so I will let you have all the Gen:  you should have it next week sometime as I will post it on Friday night & hope it does'nt take as long as yours. We are all sixes & sevens just now as Judith's Father-in-law died yesterday & Tessa leaves on Monday for U.S.A. & if the funeral is on Monday its going to be akward. & as there is a lot of running around making arrangments & cleaning up to do & Judith has only 2 more days at school before the hols: & Mum is looking after your Nephew, its a busy time. By the way you write Jay is back from Frisco  is'nt he qualified to do your job. I thought he was doing similar work. as you say the least you can do for Tom is to put the new chap on the right road & the money & shares will be useful.

21/8/78  I went down town this morning with your letter to the Bank & had a talk with the Manager, a nice chap, young, & he kept your papers & said he would get in touch with you & deal direct with you & N/Y Barclays is the same firm a here but he would'nt say he could'nt avoid a tax but he may be able to scale it down a bit & there is no way a big sum can be brought in the country by a British subject & avoid tax. any way I am going to contact the Labour Exchange how you stand for the dole till you can get a suteable job. any way he is going on holiday tomorrow so I dont know whether we will have to wait till he comes back  I have just seen a article in the Money Mail which states your case. I can't enclose now but will send it on to you in a letter  this is the gist of it (quote) From Tax year 77/78 & onwards who performs his duties outside the U K for a period of 365 days or more is not liable to tax in respect of his remuneration. if you are going to qualify for this exemption you would do well to seek professional advice. I have been measuring the article but its too bulky to enlose so better not risk it. Mum will be writing you & she can write a letter instead of one of these  Well thats all I can do for now I will let you know what I find out at the Labour

We have had a nice weeks weather dont know how long it will last but its been cold & cloudy before the Wind in the North & even now when the sun isnt out its cold. We have have only been able to sit out in the garden for about 6 days. I dont think you will want to stay in this country when you have sampled it as its vastly deteriorated since you left. there is no law or order. there is a case to day. 3 youngsters killed a 84 yr old woman one is 17 yrs old got 5 yrs his 14 yr old brother 6 yrs detained & 12 yrs old friend got 5 yrs detained & the do gooders are up in arms at the harsh sentance.

Mum is sending a letter to you & I have put that piece out of the paper in about Tax it will explain all & from my reading of it you dont seem to have any chance of avoiding Tax. only 1 way that is to bring it over in travelers Cheques but it a hell of a risk as you might loose the lot in many ways — summing up I would say you have to decide between paying or risking & I would'nt care to advise you. I am going to enquire whether you can get unemployment pay  I dont know how much but at least £25 a week any see what the manager of the Bank can do, but you know Banks, everything must be to strict letter of the Law. Mum has gone to Judith's & is looking after Marcus whilst they take Tessa to catch the plane to U.S. she is all excited. I dont know what you think about world affairs but as I have said all along things are so tight now, it only wants 1 little spark to explode  Law & order has gone all over the world & in this country also Education  if any school leaver can write his name it = 6 — O levels & if he can read anyone elses he has 1 A level. We have all the scum of about 10 countries of all colours who cant read or write English & the papers are full of jobs vacant & still 1½ millions on the dole & they are still letting them come in by the Thousands so when you have had a look round here my advise would be to look round in any country but this

There is one way you can avoid Tax you can transfer your balance to Barclays Bank in Jersey & leave it in a Deposit A/C which pays about 4% but you will still have to get it here you will have it out in dribbles. any you & the Manager might come to some agreement  So look after yourself & if she says she is pregnant dont believe her, it worked in my day. Longing to see you again  time is'nt on my side & I feel better some days than others

So keep your chin up


                Dad   X X X