»  Letter: Friday, July 21, 1978

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

John Derbyshire
126, Stevens Avenue
New York 10595

July 21st  '78

My dear Son,

We didn't get your letter till Thursday, & Dad saw Barclay's Bank Manager Friday morning. The Manager is going to contact you & Barclay's Bank there, no problem getting your money transferred here, but he's not sure Tax wise, he is going to look into it. Dad is writing to you anyway to tell you all about it.

Judith's father-in-law died last Wednesday, Tess goes to Allan on Monday & Mr Moore's funeral is on Tuesday, so I have the baby to help out. I shall miss Tess. She flies directly to Los Angeles, so no stop at New York. She is very excited of course & says what a lovely birthday present Uncle John coming home. I made 5lbs strawberry jam yesterday, it doesn't help much price wise but its so much nicer than shop stuff. Auntie Cis & I went to the strawberry fields at Little Houghton & picked our own, also peas & broad beans. We've just had stuffed marrow, garden peas & new potatoes, Yum-Yum.!!

Weather here is quite dreary, cold winds & grey skies, we've had no summer yet.

Judy & Phil hope to go away for a week on their own from Aug 5th so I may go over there to look after Marcus. Phil's mother was going to have him, but they don't know now whether she'll want to.

It was lovely to hear your dear voice, be sure we'll do all we can to help in any way we can my love, & I'm glad you are coming straight home. You can do what you like then.

All here send love & look forward to seeing you. I've cancelled my holiday, I wasn't keen anyway. Write soon, always in my thoughts. Loving you, Mother

                X X X

        Love to Mary, JayTom, Ginny, & all.   X X
        Open invitation if any of them come to England.

Dad sends this. It may help.