»  Letter: Wednesday, August 23, 1978

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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[Note:  This is the last letter I have from my father. There may have been later letters that have not survived in my files.]


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J R Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue

John Derbyshire
126 Stevens Avenue
New York 10595

               62 Friars Avenue   20/8/78

Dear John,

We have had a few Postcards in the last few days but nothing from you. We had a letter from Manager of Barclays Bank this asking for signaturs, on a form, of Mum & me, but I have not replied because the first thing they would do is to notify the Tax office & I have come to the conclusion that they cant help you in any way to avoid Tax. also if you bring it in by Travelers Cheques it will be on your Passport. it would be if you left from here, find out if it is the same at your end, But I think if you say you are not staying more than 90 days they may not Tax you, but all who I have contacted would not say definate that they wouldnt Tax, but I think all Banks have to give details of all Dollar transactions & who it belongs to, but I will try once again on Monday & will leave this letter over till then

I thought you had given Kathy, or whatever her name is, up but it seems you are more involved than ever  I always told you never to shit on your own doorstep & I take it because of Jed & Mary you can't get out, you dont half get involved with some bright sparks  I am beginning to think there are no decent single girls about  if you dont watch your step you will land yourself with a bundle of trouble so watch out till you get out

22.8.78   I'm glad I was'nt able to finish this letter as we got your letter to day so it saved us crossing as we usually do. You scared the life out of us when we opened your letter & saw the photos. you look like Will. Rushton Mum says you have to get that Beard of & hair cut before trying to get into England, they will arrest you on suspicion. I can't say I am keen on it either as its spoiling a good looking bloke & I know Tessa will object but dont throw the Camera away as it is not to blame

It was Mr Wright who I contacted a nice bloke I rung him today & explained & told him as we did'nt want to draw any of the money our signatures would not be necessary & he agreed & said the money had'nt come through yet but they had your specimen signature every thing will be OK when you come & I told him you did'nt intend to settle in this country & would be leaving in under 90 days so the tax would'nt come into it & he agreed. so it will give you time after you get here to find a way out of paying the tax. so if customs ask you when you get here you know what to say. As for the comission ask Tom it only cost him about a small amount when he was here & cashed a cheque at Lloyds Bank so bring your Travellers cheques in Dollars anyway they get you one way or another  The Building Society is the best place for your money as they pay 6½% up to £15 000 Tax free & it is more available as they open on Sat & the Banks dont & you can draw out as much as you like any time. Yes we heard & read Human Bondage 60 yrs ago if its the Someset Maugham I think it was published about 1916. We must be having your kind of weather its done nothing but rain all Summer all the crops are ruined

Judith is going to Heathrow to meet Tessa, tomorrow & Mum is going to take charge of your nephew. Noel is coming over this weekend. Well I will close now as Mum gave you all the news it does'nt leave me much to say & as we are looking forward to seeing you soon & as you see by my mistakes I am not in a fit state to write a letter. So Cheerio for now  looking forward to seeing you (less Beard & Hair) soon

                Love Dad