»  Letter: Friday, September 1, 1978

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue

J. Derbyshire
126, Stevens Avenue
New York 10595

Sept 1st  78

My dear Son,

we are getting very excited, it won't be long now. I shan't write again till I hear from you. Dad is listening to John McCormick all the old sentimental Irish ballads, but they fill me full of sadness & nostalgia, 'cause I'm a sentimental old fool & life going swiftly by. I long to see your dear face & pray life will be kind to you, or at least give you strength & courage to face it calmly. Having said that, I know you'll feel a certain amount of sadness leaving everyone, but distance is soon covered today darling, though it will break my heart to have you home & then go thousands of miles away again. I know that's selfish, darling, increasing age makes one so. Forgive me, I hope the apron strings are elastic, I wouldn't want you to feel you were tied in any way. By the way love, I sent Mary's lace cloth but I had to send it surface mail  Post office wanted £3 by air & I put £2 where it stated its worth, but it is really worth £20 at least, I wouldn't want Mary to think it something cheap, but duty is charged on more than £3 worth. Please explain to her.

It is now Saturday morning & a lovely Autumn kind, sunny, misty & warm, but we've had no summer at all. Dad & I are having the two armchairs re-upholstered & I am expecting the firm to pick them up, I want them back before you come. I have to get a chair for your room, but think I'll leave it till you come to see what your needs are. There is a typewriter & you can have my desk in your room, if you wish  I've broken my glasses & Dad sat on the coffee table last week & broke the circle of smoked glass that was in it, so have to get a new piece cut. Still, it could have cut his bum or worse!!

Noel, Dot & Peter spent several hours with us last Monday, it was very nice. Robert is now married, all want to see you. Mu came for two days last week, but we spent Wednesday at Judy's, while they fetched Tess from the Airport. She'd had a lovely time with her Daddy, but I still feel sad for her. She's very anxious to know where you are going to sleep.!! Judy is 35 on Monday. The baby is cute & very bright, but Dad says "He can't help but be, its the Derbyshire brains," cheeky. Tess will be coming any minute now. Jean has to go into Stoke-Manderville Plastic Surgery Unit on Tuesday. She has a ? malignant mole on her face. All send love. See you soon. Love to everyone. Love you

                Mother  X X