»  Letter: Tuesday, January 30, 1979

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Jan 30th 1979.

My dear Son,

Janet[1] rang & told us you had finally got away, we miss you so very much.

The weather is awful, snow & ice-bound, unable to get out.

Judy came last Saturday & took us to the shops but it was very scary, we slipped & skidded all over the place. Dad is afraid to go out, there seems no signs of a thaw.

The shower was fixed last Wednesday, its great. Darling, I can't thank you enough for all you've done for us, believe me, I'm very grateful. Life gets a bit tedious at times, but you've made it more bearable.

I hope you are having a good time. The general situation here is very gloomy, strikes & ill feelings moans & groans all round.

I've just made the baby a birthday cake in the shape of a 2, have to titivate it up a bit now. & Judy has asked us over for tea tomorrow.

Here is your correspondence, all so far.

Everyone sends love, come back soon.

Oh! if you have any money left dear, apart from a wealthy Mandarin, could you bring me an embroidered jacket or kimono thing, but if you do make it a large one!! Size 42" bust, Wow!!

Lots of love darling

Take care of yourself.

            As always

                    Mother & Dad.

        X X X X X



  1. My cousin Janet (Auntie Cissie's daughter) lived near Gatwick airport, so I stayed with them overnight before taking my plane. Then some really bad winter weather came down and I think my flight was delayed a day or two. This was the beginning of the "winter of discontent" that brought down Jim Callaghan's Labour government and ushered in Margaret Thatcher in the general election of May 1979.