»  Letter: Monday, March 5, 1979

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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March 5th 79

My dear Son,

Enclosed your latest post. Hope you received the last lot I sent. The sun is shining at last, though winds very cold still. I'm longing to be able to start tidying up the garden, though it looks as though a lot of my plants are dead.

The weeks are flying by son, we miss you very much, but hope you are enjoying yourself & your writing coming up to your expectations  I know what a perfectionist you are! There was a Northampton fellow on T.V. last night & apparently he runs some sort of club for budding authors & helping to get books published.

Life is very dull here, there's no news of any interest love, the shower is fine, no trouble at all.

Next Friday, Judy Tess & I are going to see "Snow Queen" Ballet, my birthday treat from Judy, then she Phil are going away to the Malvern hills for the week-end. Mrs M is having the babe & Tess will stay here.

Dad is doing the "Pools",  ever hopeful! All send their love, dear, take care.

All my love


I'm using your paper
I wrote to Mary, but couldn't find her address so I sent it via Kathy, I got her address offf an envelope in your file, I hope you don't mind.