»  Letter: Sunday, April 1, 1979

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Home  Sunday  April 1st 1979

My dear Son,

we got your letter yesterday morning & I had just finished your air mail letter. We found your gold book which I am enclosing, plus 2 blank cheques. We didn't like to mess up your files too much but couldn't find any recent statements. I did send you some post last Thursday, so perhaps your statement will be amongst it.

Phil says if you can send him your flight No & he's free he will fetch you  He has gone back to his old job & does 6 am to 2 pm one week, 2 pm till 10 pm the next. They have been granted a morgage & can now start looking for a house. They want a large old house they can improve on.

Pete moves on April 20th & the house warming party is April 22nd. The job I wrote you about is Nene College. The weather is still appalling, rain & cold winds, I can't get in the garden.

I have a small gift for Mrs Chan  it's a silver rose vase & I will send it off soon. Thank her for me for being so good to my dear son.

Looking forward to seeing you

            Take good care.