»  Letter: Monday, February 16, 1981

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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        62, Friars Avenue

My dear Son,

Glad you've found better digs,[1]  it was good to hear you, I miss you!!

This is a hasty scribble so that I can pop over to post it this morning. I hope you don't mind me opening it, but I thought if the amount was small I'd keep it till you came home, if fair then I would send it. Your other post is from American Express people & a bulky one from Hong-K. i/c "Photographs" marked on it. Shall I keep them till you come? Its bitterly cold here. Very frosty. I hope you are eating properly & looking after yourself. I know, fussy old hen. …

We're fine, not to worry about me, you were here when I needed you, lucky me, probably saved me from the "House i/c little windows." Roll on Spring. Take care now,

Love — as always.




  1. On first moving to Hertfordshire, I at first took lodgings with a Polish lady who had eccentric ideas about how many baths a tenant should take per week (1) and how many tenants could sleep in one room (>1). I quickly moved.