»  Letter: Sunday, March 8, 1981

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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My dear Son,

Great to have your call. Herewith your post up to date. I found this big envelope in your drawer while I was looking for your collar stiffeners.

Dear, I found the box with cuff links in, but nowhere could I find said stiffeners.! I'll try Swanns when I go into town.

It's raining like the clappers, so drear & depressing. I long for warm sunshine. Some hopes. Dad's just returned from town i/c new specs, says there no good, he can't see to read with them  They are for distance — Typical!!  Not readers. I asked him if he tried them at the opticians & he said they were O.K there. Most peculiar, & they cost him £7!! Glad you've got a nice flat, its much more satisfactory.

See you soon love.

Take good care of yourself.

Am writing to Mary today.

Did you write & thank Irene for the bed-cover?

Love as always

        X X X   Mother

Judy wants me to go to Paris for week-end in October with Angie Scott's Mum  Why not.? !!  I'm all for it.

I'm thinking of getting "our" bed-room done, shall ring Ray for an estimate & then shall get some shelves of some kind for your books.

The Gas Man cometh on  Hath Beenith last week.  but its not so cold now if only the sun would shine  I want to tidy up the garden.