»  Letter: Sunday, April 5, 1981

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Sunday April 5th 81

My dear Son,

I hope this is the "thing" you want. Have only just got up 10 am — disgusting. Judy & Phil took Mrs Moore & myself out to dinner last night, to a new place called "The Toby Inn". It was lovely. I had prawn cocktail, chicken breast, peas, chips, salad, white wine, sherry, merangue nest with raspberries & cream, coffee i/c cream & am now 3 lbs heavier.!! but it was lovely. The combination of all these made me feel good & sleepy. They said it was a thank you to us both & a combined birthday treat, Ada has a birthday today, she's 58.

It's grey, cold & bleak, most depressing. I shall be glad when Jean returns, I do miss her. Dad has gone his constitutional, I'm glad to have an hour on my own. He's been fiddling with the T.V again & seems to have got his lines crossed!

See you soon, love.

            Take care

                As always.

                    Love Mum

        X X