»  Letter: Saturday, October 9, 1982

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue
England NN4 9PX

Mr John Derbyshire
c/o Siping Teacher's College
Siping City
Jilin Province
People's Republic of China

Oct 9th 1982

My dear Son,

Thinking of you every minute & wondering how you are. I miss you so, even when you didn't come home, there was your cheerful voice on the phone. We talk of you constantly. Judy & children were here Sunday morning, but a flying visit as Phil was going to Holland again at 4 o'clock. Tess was riding with some friends in the afternoon. You were the topic of conversation of course. I rang Dawn & she sent your pay chit but P45 won't come till this week, so I sent your I.T. form[1]  with a note to say I would send it on as soon as it came, as they sent you another form & a request for your P45.

I am very restless, can't settle to anything, but shall feel happier once I know you are O.K. What sort of accommodation have you got & who looks after you? I have weeded & cleaned all the front up, & put lots of bulbs in everywhere, & bought a planter for the patio, also full of bulbs. I need a net for the pool & a covering net too, some peat & bone meal, but Judy will be on half-term soon, so she will take me up in the car. I'm going to write to Mary & Jay. I never answered Mary's last letter, also owe Allan a letter, I had a lovely card from him, strangely enough, exactly the same as one I got from Peter & his wife from Swindon.

We are very well & you are not to worry about us. I sent the gas bill back as I was not satisfied with an estimated bill & they had over-charged me by £20!! I made "your cake" at week-end & shed a few tears into the cherries!! I'll bet Peter misses you. We've just seen the raising of the "Mary Rose" on T.V. — a clever operation I've no doubt. It is a damp dull day, typically October weather, how is it with you dear?

It is now Wednesday 13th John, so I shall send this tomorrow when I go to the Post Office. Your P45 came today, so I will post that off, also your Atlas Book. so will send off the cheque for that too. We are advised now to withdraw Granny Bonds, so I am doing that & will put in the Halifax, as I only have £230 in now. I'm going to get an estimate for a bay window John & if it isn't too much might get that done, it's in a bad way really

I'm sitting at the dining room table & the sun is shining. garden all neat & tidy, it looks super. I wish we could win the pools John, I'd have it all done for when you return. There's a large black slug making its way across the patio, Ugh!! but it hasn't done me any harm, I couldn't touch it anyway. Dad is poring over the crossword,[2]  he's been having a bit of "gut" trouble, but as he eats well, I can't think it's very much, probably loss of muscle tone due to age.

You take great care my darling. I hope you find it all enjoyable. Longing for news. Love you as always,

            Mother & Dad  X X X



  1. "I.T." stands for "Income Tax." The P45 was a form from your employer certifying your earnings.
  2. Dad's daily pleasure was the Daily Mirror crossword puzzle.