»  Letter: Sunday, October 31, 1982

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue
Northampton  England

Mr John Derbyshire
Siping Teacher's College
Siping City
Jilin Province
People's Republic of China

Sunday 31.10.82

My dear Son,

it's 6 pm, Dad watching Football, I've just put clean curtains up & clean bed linen in your room, had a bath, I've been clearing up leaves in the garden & put another 20 tulip bulbs in the last now weather turning grey & cold. Did I tell you Fred & John from the garden centre, dug all the mud out of the little square patch by the pool, relined & cemented it & put fresh peat & top soil in? how I long for Spring to see how things look then & your return. On Wednesday last Judy & I took Marcus to Mu's for the day. It was a lovely day & Mu did us proud, gave us a lovely lunch  She said to tell you if you don't send her a Xmas card she'll cut you out of her will!! She sent her love of course. You know darling, we are wondering how you are faring, looking forward to another letter, I expect you are very busy. Judy & Phil have been to Paris for the week-end, back later to night. No news yet from the Tax Office. There's talk of mortgage rates coming down to 10%

Darling, its Monday, so add a bit more. There was a call for you from Computer Staff this morning, saying they had a contract for you. I explained where you were, they asked when you'd be back, I said — hopefully — February or March. This fellow said when you come back will you contact them. A bank statement came from Barclays.

Its now Tuesday. I won't wait any longer, I kept hoping each day we'd have a letter, please write soon love, you know how we worry. It is a grey, drear day, everything wet & dank, Dad's gone to town, he'll come back grumbling about the expense, the weight of the shopping, the incompetence of assistants, someones diddled him, the state of his legs, bowels, ears etc., its all so repetitive I'm afraid I'm a bit callous. He had a fellow here yesterday about a hearing aid  he was telling this guy its catarrh, although the Dr said it was age, he knew better. He was told that to have an aid made to his specifications would be £1000.!! Ah! well that will come to nothing I know, he won't part with any money. Otherwise love we are fine, I'm just going up to Jean's, then I might walk up to the Garden Centre see what plants they've got. Don't worry about us, just take care & do write soon. Lots of love

Your doting — dotty

            X X X X  Mother

        Dad is going to write to you soon.