»  Letter: Wednesday, November 17, 1982

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs. J.R. Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue
Northampton NN4 9PX

Mr John Derbyshire
Siping Teacher's College
Siping City
Jilin Province
People's Republic of China

November 17th 1982

My dear Son,

This card may be early, but the Aerograms just fit the envelope nicely. Dad thought you'd be interested in the enclosed cutting, & he's concerned that you'll lose your tax rebate or may have to wait till 1984. We've had nothing yet & he thinks you ought to look into it, or do you want me to write to them & ask why the delay?

I should have gone to Pete's last Saturday, but it poured with rain, so postponed it till this coming Saturday. I hope by now you will have had the Aerograms etc. I sent off last week. Capes have returned your manuscript, so sorry love. The weather has turned very cold & we've had gales & lots of rain. I've spent hours sweeping up the leaves, but there always seems to be more the next day. I'm sitting by the patio window writing this, Dad has just come in, his usual cheery self!!?? … snorting & cursing about prices, shops, people etc. A little robin & two blackbirds are watching, they're waiting for food.

"Brenda"[1]  came to N'ton last week, Judy took Marcus to see her & Judy said they had a wonderful view. Marcus told me all about her lovely dress & she waved to him  He calls the Tower now, the Queen's Tower. I didn't go to town, I can't stand the crowds & waiting about, but we saw it on T.V. She had lunch at the Guildhall. Your pictures have been truly shown & admired, with lots of nice things said about you.

I put a piece of old netting over the pool, but the holes are too big, & the smaller leaves got in, but it will have to wait till Spring now

I walked up to the Garden Centre last Sunday & brought a honeysuckle to plant over that old tree stump, they are selling off their patio tables & chairs, I was very tempted, but thought I'd better wait till Spring comes. Xmas draws ever nearer, it won't be the same without you dear, we shall all be thinking of you. I was quietly snoozing here yesterday, when there was a loud bang, the bulb on my lamp had exploded, Dad had put a new bulb in the dining room, when that fell out & smashed. I think he doesn't put the bulbs in properly. My iron was shorting & when he took the plug apart, there was 3 screws loose inside  He got the pliers to remove the broken part out of my lamp, now I can't get a bulb in at all!! I'll get Phil to have a look at them when he comes. Dad won't have it that he can't handle these things now. when I bought my coffee maker, & a new plug he was 2 hours fiddling with the plug & gave up in the end. Auntie Cis did it & showed me how to do it. It really worries me. We now have no lights in the dining room, hall & my lamp. My fingers are not as nimble as they were, but I'll get the steps out tomorrow & get some bulbs in myself.

I'll post this tomorrow dear, but leave it open till morning just in case.

Thursday am   No letter dear, so off to P.O.  Pension Day. & post this, then to library, to hairdresser, on to town to lighten the load for Friday.

Take good care, love you

                X X X X   Mother & Dad.



  1. H.M. Queen Elizabeth II.