»  Letter: Sunday, December 26, 1982

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue
Northampton, England

John Derbyshire
Siping Teacher's College
Siping City
Jilin Province
People's Republic of China

Dec. 26th 5pm

My dear Son,

we got your telegram on Friday morning. I was so sad, I was so hoping to hear your dear voice & cheery hello! but never mind, it was the next best thing. I thought of you every minute & wondered how things were with you. I had had a heavy cold all week & had to rely on Dad & Judy to go shopping. Despite this we had our usual lovely lunch at Judy's & they came to us today. They left about 4 pm so I have just finished clearing up. Dad is messing about with the TV again, he's got all the stations jumbled up. Phil says it wants re-setting. Marcus & Phil now have colds, Tess started us off about 2 weeks ago, when she was quite poorly. The weather has been quite mild & sunny so I'm hoping to walk up to Jeans in the morning. I took Michael a little parcel up last Saturday, he is a live wire, seems almost hyper-active, they get very little sleep with him. Annie's Mum & Sister were expected for Xmas. Judy bought me some lovely lambswool slippers, a bottle of Irish whisky, sweets etc, & Tess bought me a dainty cut glass bell. Amongst other things Marcus had a Spider Man outfit & I made him a cloak & Judy says he hasn't had them off yet!! Tess rode her pony[1] up after lunch on Xmas day & he was duly admired.

Auntie Mu rang a little while ago & sends her love & good wishes for 1983 to you. Oh! by the way you are now a "Great-Uncle. Noel's daughter-in-law had a baby boy[2] on Dec 23rd, which makes us Great-Grandparents, ye Gods John, we are old stagers!! We shall have a party when you come home. No news of your tax rebate dear, have you done anything about it? Did you get your book? Is it the one you thought it was? Are you staying on? Please write soon & let us know. When I went outside this morning John, there was one tiny lone snowdrop nodding there by the pool, & lots bulbs peeping through, so Spring can't be far away can it?

Darling, it's now Tuesday Dec 28th no great changes. Dad has a cold, so you can imagine how he's suffering! at the moment, having a nap & snoring like an express train. We've all eaten too much & now don't want anything at all, we're trying to finish up the left-overs. Jean sends her love & also Good wishes to you for 1983. I send my love & may 1983 bring you Good Health & all you wish yourself. Weather continues mild & sunny, do you remember last winter, snow & ice for weeks. Take good care of yourself dear. Write soon. Miss you very much.

As ever

                Your devoted

    X  X  X  X   Mother

    God bless you & bring you Good Health success & happiness in the coming year




  1. Tessa, age 15 at this point, was a keen rider. The pony's name was George.
  2. James Derbyshire, first son of Robert and Janet.