»  Letter: Sunday, January 23, 1983

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue
England NNP. 9PX

Mr John Derbyshire
Siping Teacher's College
Siping City
Jilin Province
People's Republic of China

Jan. 23rd

My dear Son,

I hope by now you will have received your "Sonnets"  I'm sorry love, it was the fact it had no Spinal explanation that it was overlooked.

You seem to have enjoyed Xmas, I'm so glad, I pictured you having a nice butty for your Xmas dinner.! I've done all the things you've mentioned. I rang H.B.S. & your Mortgage Payment has been adjusted to the present rate. Do you want me to take your 2 books in? Interest rate is due at the end of January, do you want that entered & your Mortgage Payments entered in your second book, or leave it? till you come. No news yet from the Publishing folks, no news of your tax rebate. Two calls & a letter from Karen (Computer Staff) have contracts you might be interested in, & want you to call them when you return. I said as far as I knew this would be late February or early March. There's a Xmas card from Taiwan. Your statement from Barclays, only other post is advertising matter.

I've had a fella to give me an estimate for the windows, bathroom urgent, the bay & other windows later. I'll let you know before any commitment, I can manage £500 & I think I can get Dad to part with a bit. Thank Goodness so far, Winter hasn't been too bad, so I'm hoping Electricity won't be too high, meter read last week so shall know soon!! John, I was in the Grosvenor Centre with Dad last Wednesday & he had some kind of Cerebral disturbance, was completely confused, his bottom lip sagged, he dribbled, was stumbling about, wanted to get on a bus that wasn't ours & looked quite wild. I thought he was going to have a stroke there & then. Some people helped me get him home & later he remembered nothing at all. His left hand was quite flaccid but he seemed to recover eventually. I had a word with the quack just as I said, nothing to be done, keep warm etc. He seems better again, & insists on his walk, though less often now. I've begged him not to go alone, but you know Dad. He's convinced someone's trying to get in, hears voices & singing, or you are here, thinks you've gone to Peter's. I can't help but feel sorry & sad for him John. Anyway dear, I'm sure you know there's nothing you can do, if the worst or best — whichever way you look at it — happened there's no point in you rushing home, that doesn't mean to say I shan't be sorry when you are back in England!!

Judy has applied for a "Headship" at Little Houghton. Marcus informed me yesterday he might have measles soon, it seems to be rife in the schools. Judy is taking him & friends to McDonald's for his 6th birthday party  They do 1 hour parties, far less harassing than having them all at home. Nights are getting lighter & it will soon be Spring., the garden is waking up slowly. Jude is going to buy me some plants for my b'day, I want to fill the bottom part up with shrubs  I had a window sill seed tray & cover at Xmas so I'm going to try & raise my own seeds. Dad just woke up, looked round & says "Has he gone out"? Ah! well. We have a water strike on, rarely drink the stuff.!!

It's Monday night, been a grey, wet day, Dad somewhat confused after a nap, but quite mobile & chatty. All for now love. Do let me know your plans dear, I don't worry so much then

Lots of love.

            X X X  Mother