»  Letter: Wednesday, June 22, 1983

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
62, Friars Avenue
England NNP 9PX

John Derbyshire
Siping Teacher's College
Siping City
Jilin Province
People's Republic of China

June 22nd 1983

My dear Son,,

Just got your letter, great to know you'll soon be home. I shall count the days. Last week the Sun Alliance sent their insurance request, £25.05, less £3.76 tax relief, (£21.29) so I've paid that, to carry up to 22-07-84  The mortgage rate has gone up today 1¼%, I expect the H.B.S. will notify us of the change. Interest rate has also gone up  Today, I paid the rates & gas bill, went up to N.G.H. to get Dad new batteries for his hearing aid, then along seemingly miles of corridors to the plaster room. The plaster they put on Dad's leg last week has all broken down, I went to complain, shoddy application!! They're going to redo it on Friday. I hope you got Wuthering H. by now I sent it Airmail.

Noel came on Sunday & stayed till Tuesday morning. He cut all the hedges, they were in a very bad way, got so woody & overgrown, a lot of dead patches. When I can afford it, I shall have some fencing across the bottom piece. Obviously, Dad isn't going to be able to do them any more. I cut the grass at week-end, but even after all the rain, the ground is very dry. The birds have a great time in the pool, giving themselves a bath. Robert took some pictures of the patio some weeks ago, thought you'd like one to show your friends. Noel has asked me to ask you if you can get him a small piece of ivory for Dorothy, (she had a piece, 3 elephants on a curved bridge) but it got broken, money would be paid statim. Also if you are in any difficulty with sterling getting back to England, let him know & he can mail you the necessary right away.

Well, dear, I think that's all for now. Have you heard from Anthony Sheil yet? Hope it's good news. I may not write again love, unless something worth writing about happens.

Take good care, see you soon.

                 Love as always

                         Mother  X X X X X