»  Letter: Sunday, October 13, 1991

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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E. A. Derbyshire
Lister House
105, Boughton Green Rd

John & Lynette Derbyshire
91-15, Lamont Avenue
Apt 6F
NY 11373.

Lister House
Sunday. 13. Oct.

My darling Son & Daughter,

I thought I'd start you a letter to send as soon as I have an address. It has been a long & worring week-end. You are in my thoughts every moment, day & night. Today is beautiful, like Summer, quite hot & I thought of you both sitting in your pretty little garden by the river instead of haring off around U.S.A. I suppose you've had little time to ponder yet. I understand your reasons for going my darlings, but you have left such a gap in my life but for your sakes I won't whinge. Peggy took 4 of us for a drive this afternoon to Pitsford, where there were crowds of people sailing & fishing & dozens of cars & people picnicing. Peggy bought us all an ice cream & then we went round the country lanes to Chapel Brampton, where she bought a cabbage, some heather plants, a pot of home made strawberry jam & a sponge cake for tea. We went to Moulton, where we saw lovely houses & pretty little villages. The trees were in their lovely Autumn colours. It was very enjoyable & eased my heartache a little.

Charlotte twittered, Ellen the 101 yr old was scared & kept trying to direct Peggy together with Doris who didn't like being in the back with C & E & did her Lady Muck act which so annoys Peggy. When we returned Ellen was upset as her 80 yr old daughter had been to see her & not waited. She insisted on Peggy ringing her & tell her to come back but she — daughter, said she was too tired & would come on Wednesday; but with all the quibbles it was very enjoyable, by me anyway.

Monday   It is very foggy but today, so hopefully will clear as it did yesterday  Then I shall go a walk in the garden. I've started the jigsaw, but it takes up such a lot of space, however I shall persevere, Mu & Win rang, both send you two best wishes

Tuesday   Lovely to get your call John, I feel much happier now. Peggy wants to see me after lunch, I can only think she is increasing the fees.

Wednesday   A blustery, rainy day. No! it's not what I thought  Peggy's accountant had told her I owed her £400 as the Bank had been paying her monthly instead of every 4 weeks. I've given her a cheque & as from Nov. 1st will be put right. I've still got to pay her £800 on the 30th this month, so it makes my Bank balance look sick. I'm going to write to D.H.S.S. to see if I can have a little help. Well, darlings still wondering how you both are. love you, loads of it.

As always

Mother  X X X

     Am hoping Lynn can post this tomorrow
     Karen & Angela off sick so Peggy short & very bad-tempered. Kit still comatose, Mercy in bed. Jane & Violet in hospital, Flo like a zombie so very depressing just now!  only 4 on our table today, 3 on other table.