»  Letter: Saturday, November 23, 1991

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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Mrs E. A. Derbyshire
105, Lister House, Kingsthorpe
Boughton Green Road
Northampton, England
NN2 7L.S.

John & Lynette Derbyshire
91-15 Lamont Avenue
Apt 67. Elmhurst
NY. 11373  U.S.A.

Saturday. Oct.[1] 23rd

My darling Son & Daughter,

another week end how quickly they come round. It is sunny, but very cold. You said you were away for the week-end, I hope you had a good time. Rosie, dear, I think of you all the time & wonder how you are coping. It is good news that your London house is let, one worry less  Now I want to hear that you have a house though I know that could take some time, but it will come in time & I can then picture you in your little garden once again. The weather here is very dreary, dull & cold.

Sunday.   last night the radiators were turned off & my room was like an ice box. It was after 8 o'clock this morning before it was turned on. Staff problems are the pits, no one wants to work week-ends, last night no one turned up & Peggy had to ring a friend to come in. Lynn is leaving & Angela is fed up but as its so near to Xmas, no one wants to work Xmas Day. Peggy doesn't have very good raport with her staff, there is a distinct atmosphere of hostility. Thank goodness, I can retire to my own room & leave them to it. John, do thank the shop assistant for me re the envelopes, if & when you go to the store again, how kind, I doubt if you would get the same response here. At the moment there is great euphoria over the release of Terry Waite but I think we should wait till all hostages are freed before we can fully rejoice.

I hope you are both well & taking care of each other  Did Xlong sell your car John? I think of Whiteadder Way with great affection, it is almost a year since I came the first time & you took me to see the Cutty Sark. Rosie, when you write to your family please give them my regards, what do they think of your return to New York? I hope all goes well for you both  You are ever in my thoughts & I pray to whatever Gods are listening for your well-being & happiness. I miss you both very much, but think of the happy times we did have together. As always with much love



The Hyacinths I put down are doing very well though I doubt they'll be in flower by Xmas. We had a lovely day at Mu's & Rosie I must tell you, Fred had grown gorgeous chrysanthemums with huge flower heads as big as cauliflowers in all colours yellow, cream, white, pink & orange. I would have liked one but daren't ask. Mu gave us a lovely lunch, chicken casserole & a superb trifle with a mountain of cream & wine  She gave me a jigsaw but there was no box, I think it's very old as the edges are curling up, but I've got it started, I could do with the help of both of you! I'm going to do some now after I've had a walk round. Take care,