»  Letter: Saturday, January 18, 1992

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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Lister House

Jan. 18th 1992

My dear Son & Daughter,

After your ring on Tues last I thought I'd put done my financial situation to make it clear how things are. Enclosed is my Bank Statement up to Dec. 7th  You know that every 4 weeks I pay Peggy £800 made up so: —

O.A.P. £55.30 per week
Attendance Allowance £41.65 per week.
Income Support £61.48 per week

This adds up to £158.43 per week. I put £150 in the Bank per week & keep the 8.43 as pocket money. alternate weeks I save £5 of this to pay for my hair. My daily paper is £1.75 per week. Shampoo & set is £3.50 every 2 weeks  Trim S & Set £5 & a perm roughly every 3 months £15.0  Clothes & Shoes are usually by mail order by cheque & comes out of what is left in my account.

On the first of each quarter I pay £42.09 to the "Pru"  This is to cover funeral expenses & I hope a bit over for you & Judith. At this time it amounts to about £3000 if I die this year!! I shall have a statement soon. If I live to be 85 I don't have to pay any more & can withdraw it if I wish.

The 4 weeks of £150 comes to £600  My hospital pension less tax is £157.05 monthly so 150 or this goes to make up £750 of the £800 fee I hope all this makes sense to you  My only other expense is the phone. I hope you realize John & Judy that it is humiliating for me to ask you for money. At the end of January, by my reckoning, that is: 

                £1417.67 + 
Pensions       733.72

less £800 for Peggy & 42.09 Pru so you see I am not desperate yet if I don't buy any clothes or shoes etc.,

There is no urgency at the moment  If & when you both feel you need to contribute £50 will cover the monthly fee. I'm only surmising Peggy will be putting up the fees in April as we get £2 a week rise in OAP & I should get a bit more on my Hospital pension  Peggy is hinting at the cost of the Heating & food bills & she has to give rises to staff in April. I hope you can understand all this son. Hope to hear some good news from you soon re your house  Loving & thinking of you every minute

Lots of love

X X X X X X  Mum  X X X