»  Letter: Saturday, February 1, 1992

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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Mrs E. A. Derbyshire
105, Lister House
Boughton Green Rd.

John & Lynette Derbyshire
91-15, Lamont Avenue,
Apt 67.  Elmhurst
NY. U.S.A.

Lister House

Feb. 1st 1992

My darling children,

A quick note with the enclosed, Dr Gibson been in & I'm now on a course of steroids to try & clear my chest, feel quite groggy but have to get someone to post this quicly. I hate entrusting my letters to others to post, but have no choice so hope this reaches you OK. Did Tess ever post my letter to you? it had my bank statement in! If you did get it son, will you send it back please, I like to keep it as a record. After speaking to you last night I am horrified you're living with cockroaches. Horrible things  They can carry diseases  please put some powder down or something & I pray you'll be out of that place soon. After your dear little house by the river that Rosie had so nice it really worries me. Marcus was really thrilled when you rang him & it pleased your sister very much. You are both always in my heart & thoughts & nothing will make me happier to know I might have a little grandchild one day before I die. Can't write any more  love you both very much

Your devoted

Mum  X X X X

Thank you.