»  Letter: Monday, March 16, 1992

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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E. A. Derbyshire
Lister House
Northampton NN2 7LS

John & Lynette Rose Derbyshire
91-15 Lamont Avenue,
Apt. 6F   Elmhurst  NY.11373

Lister House

Sunday[1]  March 16th 1992

My darling John & Rosie

Thank you for your lovely birthday card, which I received on Saturday (a week early) but no matter, a week more to enjoy. I really can't believe I'm 80 yrs old, I always thought 80 was quite ancient, so much to look back on & remember. I've been watching Sunday morning Open University, there are some very interesting programmes & always something to learn  So far today, we've had geology Industrial Revolution & how England has progressed, class changes up & down, the rise & fall of the cotton industry etc., some of sad & some of it awful, how the rich got so on the backs of the poor & so on, always a sore point with me! Now we have Opera — Rigoletto — so I'm half listening while I'm writing. Next is Social Sciences so you see I'm broadening my mind somewhat. Not much else to do  I think on my death certificate should be — Cause of death — Boredom. It's very drear today, leaden skies & cold winds.

Its now Monday morning dears, Mrs Ives has rung to say she & Mary coming tomorrow, so should have a laugh, Marys quite amusing, though somewhat crude  No word from Tess, though Judith tells me she'll be here on Sunday. Do you remember last year Rosie on my birthday, I had a very happy week-end with you & saw the lovely daffodils you had grown. Then on the Sunday we came back here in a blizzard & John had a flat tyre. I think of you always Rosie & shall be so happy when you move to your new home & you can really settle down. I wish you every happiness, good luck & good health  You have been a very brave girl to cope with all the changes over the last few years & I'm proud to have you for my daughter  I only wish you & John didn't have the worry of me. I miss you both very much but want everything to be right for you. Things don't change here, still many comings & goings & very odd new residents, Angela says I'm the only sane one here!! Auntie Win has at long last made up her mind that she can't go back to her cottage & has told Mu to sell up for her. Thank you Rosie for your kind thoughts & give your family my love when you write. I'm sure they miss you too, but they know you are in good hands. its quite something to be known so far and wide. T.V. is awful its all the waffle of politicians the same dirt on all sides  promises for a Utopia  I've heard it all before & it sickens me. I can't seem to get the bigger "Air Mail" envelopes anywhere, I'll get Lynn to get me some ready stamped ones when she goes to the Post Office again. Peggy's bought a new car, a large 4 door especially fitted for her,[3]  must have cost a few thousand, no wonder everything here such poor quality food some days quite revolting, other times not too bad. She's very moody & devious  I don't see her much  I'm afraid of saying something I'd be sorry for. Anyway must dry up now till Friday. My love to you both as always

Your loving

X X X X X X X  Mother  X X



  1. Sunday was actually March 15. Mum continued the letter on Monday the 16th, so that's the date I've identified it by.