»  Letter: Saturday, March 28, 1992

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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J.R. Derbyshire
Lister House
105, Boughton Green Rd
NN2 47L

John & Rose Derbyshire
15, Chestnut Street,
New York 11743

Lister House

March 28th 1992

My darlings John & Rosie,

Am really thrilled you've got your new home, I hope you have many happy years to come there. Take it slowly both, you've got the rest of your lives to get it as you want. I try to picture you, especially Rose, in her garden. everything is waking up here, the daffs are out, trees are in bud but it's quite dull & cold, showers now & then. I've had a stinking cold, now in its nasty catarrhal stage & very chesty & wheezy. I'm hoping this will pass quickly. It's Mothering Sunday today so Judy popped in yesterday with a card & a bottle of sherry. it was nice to have a surprize visit. Phil is off to Holland, so she's having to take Marcus to Reading to his Driving place  I've heard nothing of Tess & no birthday gift has arrived but I'm just not bothering any more. I'm very disappointed in her & I think Judy is too on the quiet. "Sharper than a serpent's tooth is child's ingratitude" as Shakespeare says, not that I want gratitude, just a little caring thought from her. John you don't have to worry about me & my finances, as from April 9th the weekly amount goes up to £174 - 24p & then I shall have a bit more from my index-linked pension from 5th April so I shall put £160 in the bank every week & keep the £14 for my daily expenses and save what I can from this & unless Peggy puts the fees up I think I shall be covered for the £800 — (4 weekly.) if you can manage the phone bill for me & I wouldn't ask that if it didn't come the same time as my quarterly insurance, if I can keep that going there should be a bit for you & Judy & pay any funeral expenses when the time comes. If I reach 85 I don't have to pay any more & can leave it & still get the yearly profits. Auntie Win is now in a Council Home & according to Mu grumbling about everything & everybody  Mu & Fred have emptied the cottage[1] & she says it & the land should fetch £20 - to £25,000  the agent said the cottage wouldn't fetch much but the ground would be valuable. Win's paying £132+ a week & when the property is sold the council take back any costs & Win can't claim any pocket money or help, so Mu says unless Win lives to be 100 (God forbid!!) there'll be enough to keep her going & she's got over £2000 in the bank. Fred & Mu bought her 2 new chairs & a portable TV pretty covers & curtains for her room, but she doesn't like any of it & after Mu & Fred left her she sent the chairs back to the shop. She is naughty  Mu & Fred are very good to her & from what Mu tells me she's better cared for than I am regarding the home, but she keeps to her room & won't mix  She's always been very wilful & difficult, she's lucky to have Mu & Fred. Fred is 70 soon & Mu 75 in July so it hasn't been easy for them bussing backwards & forwards to Stourbridge getting 3 busses every time.

The flowers I got from you a week ago have kept very well  I now have the carnations in a vase & the yellow & white flowers in a jug. The yellow roses just going over a bit but it was a most beautiful arrangement & has been much admired

Its windy & pouring with rain & nearly dinner time, so I'll finish this later darlings.

After tea   Now just watching a very beautiful Chinese girl in the skating competition, shes got very high marks & reminds me of Rosie in looks. Her name is L. Chen

The clocks were moved forward an hour today, so I'm quite tired  Hope you are getting settled in. Always in my thoughts

Musch love as ever

X X X X  Mother  X X X



  1. That is, Win's cottage in Laburnum Street, Stourbridge.