»  Letter: Saturday, May 2, 1992

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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Lister House

Sat. May 2nd 1992

My darling John & Rosie,

Herewith the phone bill etc. I really do hate asking you for money, but I am very grateful all the same  towards the end of the month with my fee, specs & Pru I shall have paid out almost £1000, it may not seem much, to me its a small fortune  I did tell you John I got some tax back £190 so that is a big help  We see horrendous pictures here of the riots & I worry for you both  it seems to be escalating & there's a few skirmishes here in a few places, I think it's giving thugs an excuse for looting etc. On the front pages this morning there's a picture of 3 black youths kicking a young man to death  I pray you'll both be safe & Noel too, as it says there's a mob in Florida  I try to imagine your garden Rosie & am longing for some pictures  you have worked very hard. You deserve a medal love  You know you are both in my thoughts every minute. I've nothing in the way of news  Mrs Ives told me, the people over the road want to sell their house & the agent said they could only ask £30,000. Mr Barratt has spent thousands on it & replaced all windows & doors, has C.H.[1] modern kitchen & bathroom & a lovely garden with patio etc. & a workshop in the barn. Janet's house is up for auction & the ceiling price is £30,000, I think we were lucky. Well darlings, take good care

Love you both

As always

Mum.  X X X X X



  1. Central heating.