»  Letter: Sunday, May 17, 1992

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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Mrs E. A. Derbyshire
105, Lister House
Boughton Green Road
Kingsthorpe, Northampton
NN2 7LS.  England

John & Lynette Derbyshire
15, Chestnut Street
Huntington N.Y. 11743.

May 17th 1992

My darling children,

Thank you for letter & pictures received yesterday, they are lovely  I keep looking at them & picturing you both in these lovely surroundings. I am truly happy for you both. It looks a lovely spot to raise a child. You are in my heart & mind every waking moment. I am so sorry, Rosie you are having such a miserable time with sickness, I do feel for you but darling it will pass & I hope by this time you will have seen your Dr & he or she has given you some assurence & helpful advise  rest when you can, eat & drink when you feel like it & ease up on gardening, lifting or any other exertion, when these bouts of sickness come on, just take things easier generally. I wish I could help you in some way, I feel so useless & helpless & worry about you. I know the days must seem long to you & wish you had a friend to talk to help you through this tedious time, believe me darling it will pass & the end product will be worth it. If love & good wishes help, you will have a lovely healthy baby & you will not be alone again  The child will fill your days (and sometimes nights!! too) but to watch a baby develop into a real little person is quite wonderful. Your life will never be the same again but new joys will come, just keep loving each other, I know John will be a good and supportive father. I've always wanted him to have a family of his own, now he has a good & sensible wife, a lovely home, a decent job & no heavy financial worries — I hope — apart from daily living & you both have all modern gadgets to make life easier. When you were babies, John, life was very hard, we had no proper home & were evicted from the ramshackle house in Perry Street  Dad was away during the week & I had a stroppy stepson & in law who made a lot of trouble between us a mother-in-law who hated me & also a sister-in-law who carried tales & was vindictive. I had no one of my own near & many tears were shed. When Dad gave up his job[1] & I had to leave you both to go back to work[2] I hated every minute away from you both. We had no car, no money & no shoulder to cry on. but I would have killed for my children, I loved you so much. You were my whole life & your welfare the only thing that kept me going.

Hope all is well.

lots of love —

Mum & Granny  X X X X X



  1. With the Air Ministry.
  2. I.e. as a nurse, first I think at Northampton General Hospital.