»  Letter: Tuesday, October 6, 1992

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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The little jacket needs some buttons on & the loose ends stitching in, sorry I couldn't do it myself.  Rosie.


Mrs E. A. Derbyshire
Lister House
105 Boughton Green Rd
792317  Tel. No.

October. 6th, 92

Dearest Rose & John,

Hope you like the little shoes, not quite size 12s! One of our ladies had them knitted by someone she knows, keep his — (her) — little toes warm. It really grieves me that I can't knit the lovely baby things I've done in the past, but I think fashions have changed anyway — even for babies. You know I'm lovingly interested in anything you do & anything that concerns you all. I had a bad time for a few days last week, I somehow contracted pleurisy which was very painful for a few days, but on the mend now. Unfortunately the antibiotics & painkillers made me very sick too, so I spent 2 days throwing up. I stopped taking any medication & seem to be fine now. Judy came in on Saturday which was nice, she bought me some flowers & peppermints. The weather is bleak & cold just now & the thoughts of winter with a gaggle of senile women, some of whom never stop whinging & relating all their bodily mis-functions & those of their families, all of whom seem to have most of their organs etc removed, I think they must be stuffed with sawdust!! However I keep to my room most of the time. One old dear even suggested I wore combos[1] to keep warm. Horror of horrors. The staff situation gets worse, one never knows who's going to turn up. I couldn't have a bath today, but as I sponge down every day, I don't think I pong!

John, I've been watching a lovely programme this week 8.15 am BBC 2 Angela Rippon travelling along the Rivers Trent & Severn, I saw many of the lovely places I knew as a girl, Bridgenorth, Shropshire, Bewdley, the Cotswolds & associated places, it brought back many happy memories, it was educational, hystorical, geograpical & nostalgic. We are now on our way to Gloucester! We've travelled by barge, boat & bike — along towpaths, canals & rivers with lovely scenery, most of it still dear old England. Dear Rose, I'm sorry I haven't been able to get you a birthday card, but with all my heart hope you had a happy one & many more to come. I have to get Chris, who works nights, to post this package for me, so it might not be in time for your birthday. I hope all is well with you  Not long to go now though I daresay it seems long to you. Judith says don't you dare have your baby while we are out on Xmas Day, we are going to "Cromwell Cottage" for lunch, John will explain where it is

Well, my darlings, shall sign off now. Thinking of you all the time, all 4 of you, that includes Boris!!

Lots of love



Apologies John. you were right (I should have known better)! about the River Trent & Severn.



  1. "Combinations" — an old-fashioned type of woollen underwear, warm but proverbially unsightly & uncomfortable.