»  Letter: Sunday, November 29, 1992

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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November 29th

My darling children,

I thought the enclosed information very sensible & might interest you. Need I say how lovely it was to see John.[1]  I'm only sorry Rosie wasn't with you John, but Rosie, you know you are in my thoughts every minute especially just now darling, though I know the last few weeks seem to go on forever. I pray for things to go well for you Rose & I'm sure you'll have a lovely healthy baby. I can't write much, I had a fall yesterday & hurt my right arm & hand. My arthritic thumb very swollen & bruised, I seem to loose my balance very easily, it makes me nervous to move far without escort. Loads of love to you three. Take care & Good luck

As always

X X X  Your devoted Mum




  1. My British passport for this period shows me re-entering the U.S.A. on November 23, a Monday. Presumably I'd been sent to London on business the previous week, and gone up to Northampton to see Mum at the weekend.