»  Letter: Wednesday, January 6, 1993

    E.A. Derbyshire to Lynette Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
Lister House
5 Boughton Green Rd

Mrs Rose L. Derbyshire
15 Chestnut Street
NY. 11743

January 6th 1993

My darling Rose & John,

Well done! I was overcome with Joy when John rang me this morning. I am so proud of you.  everyone here sends their love & congratulations & all good wishes to you & your darling little daughter. Cover her with love & kisses from me, how I long to see her but I have your mother in mind too. She will be overjoyed for you as I am. You will make a wonderful mother. I always wanted John to have a wife & family of his own, I know he will love & care for you both. I can depart this world any time now (but not yet)!! knowing he has someone of his own to cherish & to love him. I hope this little soul will bring you as much love & joy that John has always given me. I think of you every minute & have prayed incessantly for you to have a safe delivery. She — little Eleanor — must be very bonny at that weight. I rang Judith & she says she'll ring tonight. Now I have to ring everyone to give them the joyful news. So many people have asked after you. Rest as much as you can & don't worry if you get a bit weepy now & then, giving birth is a very emotional time & it takes time to adjust to the changes it brings, but with John's love & support & your own sweet self you'll be alright, I know. I'm waiting now to see her first picture, I think she'll be as pretty as you Rose. How I long to see her & hold her.

It is very cold & frosty here but I tell myself Spring will soon be here & I can get round the garden. A load of love to you all. I expect Boris will wonder who this little strange person is when he sees her. Once again my darlings much love & longing, take good care of each other

Your loving

Mother & Granny


X X X  To my little Princess  X X X X